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The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 1st House or Ascendant

House of  the Body and Personality

The 1st house is often referred to as the Ascendant, because it is the house that occupies the space between the horizon and the point 30 degrees above the horizon, at the moment of our birth.

Attributes most affected by the 1st House are:

Birth, body, brain, character, character, complexion, conduct, constitution, dharma, dignity, dignity, disposition, dreams, early childhood, environment, face, fame, fame, father’s mother, happiness, head, head, health, innate nature, longevity, mother’s father, personal appearance, personality, personality, physiology, prosperity, psychology, self-esteem, sense of self-worth, splendor, start in life, strength, strength, tendencies, the constitution, the physical body, victory over enemies, vigor, vitality, well-being and will power.

Because the 1st house Is one of the most obvious distinguishing factors between all people born on the same day, it is extremely Important. It Is the most intimate part of our horoscope.  It shows how we will be accepted by the world, whether we can achieve recognition for our accomplishments and earn fame and status. It denotes our disposition, personality, temperament, and tendencies. It shows the person’s confidence, self-esteem. and self-love.

The ruling planet of the 1st house Indicates to a large extent the nature of the personality and one’s inclinations. For example, If the first house is Libra, which is ruled by Venus, the person is likely to be interested in romance and passion. If the first house is Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, then the person will be of a serious disposition, inclined towards business or career matters.

The first house is considered auspicious. We look to see where the ruler of the first house is placed in order to find the native’s life focus. Whichever house the ruler is in will often enjoy great prosperity. However, the planet’s dignity must always be taken into account to understand the extent of this prosperity. Malefics such as Mars and Saturn will give different results from benefics such as Venus and Jupiter. Furthermore, a planet’s status as exalted or debilitated, as well as its aspects from friends or enemies, will change the results. Being able to understand these many different factors is the key to being a successful astrologer.

With that said, the significations of the first house generally thrive when the ascendant lord is placed in an auspicious house.

The Sun is the significator of the first house.

Location of the 1st House Ruler

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 1st House

This means the first lord is in its own house. This is an excellent position, causing the native to be born into a wealthy family, have happiness and good wealth throughout life, be healthy, powerful, strong, long-lived, and well-respected. It also gives the possibility of being a leader.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 2nd House

This native will have a good education, as well as a potential career in education. They will be a good speaker, be honest, and have a happy family life. Their interests will be in matters related to finance.

Ruler of the 1st House Located in the 3rd House

Siblings will be of great benefit to this native, who will also be adventurous and full of courage. Their will-power will be strong, allowing them to persevere towards their strong desires through their own efforts. Dance, music, and drama are all areas of interests where possible careers can be seen.

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