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Planets in the Houses

Mercury or Venus in the 1st House

Mercury in the 1st House

Mercury in the 1st House

This is the best position for Mercury because it receives directional strength in the 1st house.

However, like always, aspects must be taken into account because Mercury will take on negative qualities if its associates with a malefic.

This placement makes the native appear youthful and intelligent.

Careers related to writing or communication are definitely seen from this position.

A strong wit and ingeniousness are also possessed by these people.

He or she will think quickly and be quite gregarious, and have great skills in using languages.

Math, poetry, fine arts, and astrology are all areas where their talents shine.

Good looks, health longevity, and respect, are some good qualities these people have.

They will marry early and find happiness with their partner.

Additionally, happiness, friendliness, kindness, forgiveness and charm exude from these natives.

The native may have a twin.  An afflicted Mercury gives nervousness, excitability, and mental instability. 

It also gives conceitedness, a lack of confidence, and boastfulness.

Exalted and Own Sign

If in the ascendant in the signs of Virgo or Gemini, Mercury will give the native great intelligence and it will enhance all the benefits listed above.

Beauty shines from the native and fame or honor is received.

They will take birth in a good family, have high morals, and be fortunate and wealthy.

Debilitated or Fallen

Mercury in Pisces in the first house will give no confidence or self-respect to the native.

He or she will be excitable, indecisive, mentally unstable, and nervous.

Self-acceptance does not come easily to them because the native will be poor, weak, unhealthy, and unfortunate.

Additionally, they might suffer severe challenges to their health, and married life is harmed.


At the 32nd year of life, Mercury gives its full affects. During this year a native with Mercury in the 1st will get many benefits unless Mercury is afflicted or in a difficult house.

Venus in the 1st House

Venus placed in the ascendant brings beauty, charm, happiness, health, longevity, luck, wealth, and respect to the native. 

The opposite sex will find these individuals irresistible. 

The native’s nature is passionate and romantic, and they will love to indulge in many sensual pleasures. 

Comforts and luxuries always surround these people. 

They will marry early in life and receive great happiness from their spouse. 

A lot of jewelry will be owned by these people and they will love to ornament themselves. 

Natives with this placement are artistic and sensitive.   For that reason, careers in dance, drama, music, or other artistic mediums are definitely seen. 

Good deeds will be performed by these people due to their virtuous nature.  When placed in the 1st, 4th, 7th, or 10th house, Venus makes the native forgiving. Skills are seen in the art of sexual pleasures and mathematics. 

When afflicted, Venus can bring issues related to the reproductive system or sexual diseases. 

For Virgo, Capricorn, and Aquarius ascendants, Venus in the 1st can bring great fame.  However, in Virgo results will be less due to Venus’ debilitation.

Exalted or Own Sign

When placed in Pisces, Libra, or Taurus in the first house, Venus magnifies all the benefits mentioned above. 

High status and great fame are seen for the native, and their artistic skills will be quite strong.

Because Venus is exalted in Jupiter’s sign of Pisces, it will also do well in Jupiter’s other sign, Sagittarius. 

However, when placed in Sagittarius, Venus makes the native very sensitive in relationships.

Some astrologers advise those with Venus in Sagittarius to marry someone with the same placement.

Debilitated or Fallen

In the sign of Virgo in the ascendant, Venus gives the native a shyness and low confidence. 

Their sex drive could be very strong, almost insatiable at times. 

They will seek sensual pleasure constantly, even through immoral means. 

Issues surrounding the reproductive organs will harm the native. 

An overly sensitive nature is seen, and the individual will be self-centered and self-indulgent. 

His or her character and body will be weak, their life will be short. 

The person will have ordinary looks, rather than beauty.


At the age of 25, Venus’ full effects are felt.  Unless Venus is poorly placed, there will be benefits related to the ascendant, relationships, and love.

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