Planets in the 2nd House – Saturn, Rahu or Ketu

The 12 Houses of Astrology

Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in the 1st House

House Of The Body and Personality


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Mars, being a malefic, Is poorly placed In the ascendant. The person will be aggressive, Independent, and of a rash or angry temperament. There may be recklessness and a proneness to accidents. Although there Is confidence and assertiveness, Mars gives an unhappy disposition, and self-love may be lacking. The constitution Is strong, but the body may

have to endure injuries, broken bones, scars, or chronic physical ailments. There may be diseases of the blood. The person will be brave, courageous, and adventurous. There Is an argumentativeness, and all relationships suffer. The person is very sexual and will find monogamy difficult. He will be liberal, Independent, and hot-tempered. There will be ability in all kinds of technical work (engineering, mechanics, accounting, law, etc.). The person will enjoy competition and excel in sports. He easily defeats his enemies and competitors. The person may be attracted to military work. He may desire to be a leader or commander and will succeed if Mars is well disposed. This position indicates Kujadosha, or Mars affliction. Therefore, married life and domestic harmony are spoiled unless the person marries another who also has a Kujadosha horoscope. The exception to this rule Is if Mars in the 1st house is In Aries. (For further details see page6

Mars in the 1st House

Because Mars is a natural malefic, it can bring difficulty when sitting in the first house. Aggression, anger, a hot temper, independence, rashness, and liberalness will all characterize the native. This tendency towards recklessness can cause a tendency towards accidents. While on the positive side, this placement gives confidence, bravery, courage, and adventurousness, it also makes the native unhappy and lack self-love. The body will sustain many injuries, but it will have the strength to recover from them. Diseases of the blood can also plague these individuals. Mars will make the native very contentious, and there will be relationship struggles for that reason. Their sexual nature will also make it hard for them to maintain monogamy. Strong technical skills are seen in these natives, and profession such as engineer, mechanic, accountant, and lawyer are supported. Sports are an area where these natives will excel, as they greatly enjoy competition. Military work will be among their interests. If well placed, Mars can make them thrive in this field as a leader. Married life can be difficult unless their partner has a similarly strong Mars.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted and own house)-If Mars is in Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio in the 1st house, the person will be very successful and respected. He will be wealthy, happy, fortunate, and enjoy many pleasures. He will be courageous and have a good disposition. He may be famous as a leader or commander. The person was born into a refined or prosperous family and has had a good start in life.

Exalted or Own House: If in the first house in the sign of Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio, the native will gain happiness, fortune, success, respect, and will enjoy life’s pleasures. Courage, a good disposition, fame, and leadership are also seen. The native will come from a good family that gives them a favorable start in life.

NEECHA (fallen)-If Mars Is in Cancer in the ascendant, the person will have many health problems. He will suffer from gas or indigestion. His blood may be impure. He will not care for his appearance and will not be good-looking. He will be often accused and may be charged in court cases if other Indications agree. He will be cruel-hearted and argumentative. He will gain no honor or fame. Confidence is lacking and there is very little self-respect. The person will be blunt, tactless, gross, and insensitive.

Debilitated: In the sign of Cancer in the ascendant, Mars brings much ill health to the native. There will be impurities in the blood, gas, or indigestion. People will find him or her ugly, and there will be a tendency to be accused and charged in court if other factors align. Argumentativeness and a cruel-heart are found in these natives. They are also blunt, gross, insensitive, and tactless. Difficult qualities like these lead to lacking honor or fame in life. Confidence and self-respect will be lacking.

NOTE-Mars is an exceptionally good planet for Cancer ascendant. as it rules the 5th and lOth houses and therefore becomes yogakaraka (special union maker). So. even though fallen, 1t will give certain benefits. as stated in the section on rulershtps.

Important Note: For Cancer ascendants, Mars rules the 5th and 10th house, making it a very favorable planet. Even if debilitated, Mars will still give some good results for Cancer ascendants.

Since Mars is exalted In Capricorn, it is also well-placed in Aquarius-the other sign ruled by Saturn.

Because of its exaltation in Capricorn, as a sign ruled by Saturn, Mars will also do well in Saturn’s other sign, Aquarius.

Mars gives its full effects in the 28th year. Unless it rules good houses or is well placed by sign there will be problems relating to l st house matters at that time.

During the 28th year of life we feel the full effect of Mars. There will be problems at this time if Mars rules difficult houses or is afflicted.



Jupiter gets dlk bala, or directional strength, making this Its best position. If Jupiter Is In the ascendant. It Is a tremendous benefit to the horoscope. This Is considered the most fortunate placement of any planet In a house. The person Is happy, healthy. long-lived, and respected or famous. He will be lucky, beautiful. and of a spiritual nature. There will be happiness from children, the marriage partner. and the father. as the 5th. 7th, and 9th houses are aspected. The person Is “divinely blessed” and protected from suffff!ng and all sorts of harms. He Is dignified, wise, and performs good deeds. This Is a common placement of world famous personages and spiritual leaders. There may be a tendency to gain weight as life progresses.

Jupiter in the 1st House

This is the best position for Jupiter because it receives directional strength in the ascendant. This placement gives enormous benefit to the entire horoscope. In fact, this is widely accepted to be the best placement of a planet in a house. It brings beauty, happiness, health, fame, respect, a spiritual nature, longevity, and luck. Because the 5th, 7th, and 9th houses are inspected, the native’s children, spouse, and father will bring them much happiness. Divine blessings protect these natives from suffering. He or she will always be do good deeds, and be dignified and wise. World famous people and spiritual leaders often have this placement in their chart. As they get older, there may be a tendency towards gaining weight.

UCHCHA & SWAKSHETRA (exalted and own sign)-If Jupiter Is In Cancer. Pisces. or Sagittarius In the 1st house. the good effects above are multiplied. Honor or fame Is assured unless there are serious afflictions to Jupiter. Life Is filled with numerous luxuries and comforts. Jupiter In the ascendant In one of these signs Indicates a person of remarkable spiritual evolution.

Exalted or Own Sign: If in the signs of Cancer, Pisces, or Sagittarius in the ascendant, Jupiter’s affects will be multiplied. Fame and honor will certainly come, unless Jupiter is receiving seriously negative aspects. The native’s life will abound with luxury and comfort. This position indicates that the native is highly spiritually evolved.

NEECHA (fallen)-If Jupiter Is In Capricorn In the 1st. there will be allergies. liver ailments, and other health problems. The person Is unhappy and negative. There Is no honor or fame. and the person will be often accused. There Is no appreciation of religion or spirituality. though the person will tcy to give the appearance of such. The person may be selfrighteous and dogmatic. Longevity Is decreased. The person will be poor and self-esteem Is lacking.

Debilitated: When Jupiter sits in Capricorn in the ascendant, the native will have allergies, liver problems, and other health issues. In general, the person feels negative and unhappy. Honor and fame are lacking and the individual will be a scapegoat. Although they will pretend to be religious and spirituality, in reality they won’t be. Longevity will be less for this native, and a strong sense of dogmatism and self-righteousness is seen. Self-esteem also suffers due to this position and lack of wealth is seen as well.

Jupiter gives Its full effects In the 16th year, and at that time there will be great benefits unless the planet Is afflicted or rules bad houses.

Jupiter’s full results are given at 16 years of age. During this year the native will receive many benefits unless Jupiter is badly aspected or rules a difficult house.