Planets in the 1st House – Saturn, Rahu or Ketu

Planets in the Houses

Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in the 1st House

Saturn in the 1st House

Because Saturn is a strong malefic planet, when it sits in the first house it is very important to consider sign placement and aspects.

When afflicted or badly aspected, this position brings delays, health problems, dishonor, lack of fame, poverty, misery, and many ups and downs.

However, when strong, high status, leadership, and political success are seen. Saturn rules longevity and he gives a long life in the signs of Libra, Aquarius, Capricorn, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

In other signs we have to consider the aspects to Saturn to judge the lifespan. In general, Saturn in the first also makes a person skinny and gives issues related to the bones.

Because Saturn aspects the 7th house, married life will be difficult.

There can be stagnation and inactivity in the person’s life. Additionally, traits of discipline, humility, responsibility, morality, seriousness, slowness, and maturity are seen in these people.

Saturn helps these natives spiritually by giving them less attachment to worldly affairs. If Saturn isn’t in one of the signs previously mentioned, there will be ambition to be recognized.

Because the first house rules the birth experience, their birth may have been challenging, giving their mothers much struggle. The strength of such issues is seen by how close Saturn is degree-wise to the ascendant.

Exalted or Own House

When placed in Libra, Capricorn, or Aquarius in the first house, strong leadership skills and high status are seen in the native. 

They receive great intelligence, wealth and virtuousness. 

These people are long lived and do good deeds. 

They will be born into a wealthy family and have a good start to life, yet will still be extremely humble.

Because Saturn is exalted in Venus’ sign of Libra, it will also do well in Venus’ other sign, Taurus.

Debilitated, or Fallen

When placed in Aries in the Ascendant, Saturn makes the native have poor healthy, little vitality, and no ambition.  Their health will be intensely challenges by this placement.

He or she will be born into a family of low status and they will have a tough start to their life.  Depression and frustration will plague their life. Their body will be emaciated or deformed, and they won’t care about their appearance. Their self-image is harmed and married life will be very difficult.

Saturn’s full affects are delivered during the 36th year of life. If Saturn is poorly placed then there will be many problems relating to the first house during that time.

Rahu, the North Node, in the 1st House

Note – Rahu and Ketu are always exactly opposite each other in everyone’s horoscope. Thus, if Rahu is in the 1st, Ketu will be in the 7th.

Rahu in the first house brings challenges to the native’s domestic happiness. Married life will see many ups and downs.  Rahu is a malefic planet, giving natives with this placement many health problems, low self-esteem and risks to their peace of mind and longevity. 

A big ego is seen, yet there will be a lack of confidence too, making natives egocentric and self-indulgent.  Negative self-image and poor self-acceptance are frequently observed characteristics of these natives.

These people will be quite strange and eccentric.  Rahu brings them worldly desires and benefits, such as wealth. 

There can be a desire towards studying occult and spiritual subjects. Rahu gives disturbed emotions and negative thinking, which lead to health ailments. Such ailments will be hard to diagnose and cure.  Diet and natural remedies are the best way to overcome these issues.

A strong will and physical strength come from this placement.

Enemies and competitors will be defeated. Natives will also be prone to devious and deceitful actions.

Regarding marriage, it’s likely that the partner will be spiritual, or even ascetic.

Due to the worldly benefits brought by Rahu, extraordinary levels of beauty are often possessed by these natives.

Exalted or Own House

It is widely accepted by astrologers that both nodes do well in the signs of Mercury, Gemini and Virgo.  When in either Gemini or Virgo in the 1st house, Rahu brings the native honor and fame. 

A strong personality is seen, and they will be a leader in whatever they do. 

These natives overcome their competition with ease, and enjoy both wealth and spiritual advancements. His or her face will be good looking and they may stand out for their looks. Additionally, these people are intelligent. However, their married life won’t be so good for the reasons motioned above.

Debilitated, or Fallen

Astrologers do not agree on a debilitated position for Rahu.

However, negative results are seen in both Leo and Cancer, because these are ruled by Rahu’s enemies, Sun and Moon. In both of these placements the already motioned negative results are enhanced.

At the age of 42 we feel the full effect of Rahu.

If Rahu is poorly placed, this year can bring us a change in status or position, difficulties in marriage, and health problems.

Ketu, the South Node, in the 1st House


This position brings many ups and downs in the married life.  Domestic peace will be hard to come by.  The native’s spouse will be dominating and manipulative. 

Overall, these people possess an ascetic, intuitive, and spiritual nature, with a powerful ability to discriminate.  Their interests will lead them towards enlightenment and occult subjects.  The body will be weak and health problems will arise.  These natives could fall victim to food poisoning.  It is seen that these people are shy and go unnoticed by others.

Weak morals are seen, so these natives are prone to deceiving others. A multi-faceted, changeable nature is seen, which is prone to chronic under-confidence.

Exalted or Own House

When placed in the sign of Virgo or Gemini in the 1st house, Ketu makes the native psychic. 

He or she will be ascetic, adaptable, flexible, non-attached, spiritual, and walk on the path of enlightenment.

A profound discriminatory ability and intelligence is seen in these people.  This placement gives a piercing ability to see through superficial appearances. It also brings a respectable reputation, but the native won’t care for such worldly matters.

Married life will still be challenging as mentioned above.

Debilitated, or Fallen

Astrologers don’t agree on Ketu’s debilitation point.  However, Ketu brings difficulty in the signs of Cancer and Leo. Both of these signs enhance the negative effects mentioned above.

At the age of 48 Ketu’s full effects are felt.  During this year strong issues regarding health or marriage are likely to occur. 

This time can also bring the native to a higher spiritual state with less attachment from the world. Pronounced spiritual, mystical, or psychic phenomenon can be experienced during this year.

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