Aries Traits

Strengths: Confident, enthusiastic, fearless & a leader;

Weaknesses: Aggressive, hot-headed, impatient & impulsive;

Aries likes: Being the center of attention, leading the pack,
out-of-town trips & taking on new challenges;

Aries dislikes: Attachments, being last, constraints & inactivity.


There’s a reason why Aries is the first sign in the Zodiac. This Fire Sign is a born-leader and likes to take control. They know what they are capable of and they enjoy leading the pack. Their friends usually don’t mind and gladly follow Aries’ lead in most circumstances. It helps that Aries is rarely afraid to take a risk and accept a fall if things do go wrong. They are more than comfortable in being picked first for everything.
The enthusiasm of an Arian is quite contagious. Their delight spans through a variety of interests that other people also enjoy to take on with Aries. The fearless Arian is as confident about themselves as they are about their choices and decisions, especially when they are doing it for others and eager participants. They just love to be the center of attention.
If not, an Arian can become quite aggressive to get people to notice them. They tend to get hot-headed whenever things don’t go as they planned, either. Aries can get impatient when their need for adventure and activity is not satisfied. Arians expect everybody to be as ready as they are when taking on new challenges, and cannot comprehend why anyone would even hesitate to jump right in.
Watch the Ram charge on with gusto when going on out-of-town trips. Whether with family or friends, Arians are always full of energy and excitement as they travel from destination to destination. There is never a dull moment when with an Arian, they always have something up their sleeve to make every moment exhilarating for themselves and everybody around them.


Arians thrive on energetic activities, and the absence of any activity at all drives them off the wall. They never want to be caught up in a deadbeat situation or even constrained to not do the things they spontaneously want to take on. Unlike other people, Arians’ impulsive choices are not out of indecision, but out of a strong inclination to do something, even if they have come up with it in the spur of the moment.
As a Fire Sign, Arians are independent individuals, who strive with or without the help of others. They are as much comfortable being with other people as they are with being on their own. The only thing that Arians cannot stand is being picked last. They always have a need to be the front-runner in absolutely everything in their life. It gives them a strong sense of importance that only they know the true value of.