Cancer Traits
Strengths: Energetic, ingenious, persuasive & tenacious;
Weaknesses: Manipulative, moody, overbearing & overemotional;
Cancer likes: Art, dining out, helping others & relaxing with family;
Cancer dislikes: Criticizing moms, not getting their own way,
publicizing personal affairs & strangers.


Cancers are one of the bubbliest signs in the Zodiac. They are just so full of energy. They never seem to run out of things to say and share with others, but can be quite a handful after a long day at work. The Cancer usually on the go, handling one project after another. People often wonder where they get the energy to do all the things they do. Others usually admire Cancer for their drive, although they can tend towards workaholism.
Cancers rarely give up. They are always ready to fire things up with the next big idea. They are the most ingenious sign in the Zodiac and can be quite tenacious. The Cancer is definitely a go-getter and is an achiever. They can be very persuasive when they want to be, and they always want to.
However, because of this the Cancer does have a tendency to manipulate others to do their bidding, and can get really upset when they do not get their way. Their strong want for success can be a bit overbearing, especially since Cancers are very emotional people. Their mood swings can be a bit too much in critical situations, too.
After a harrowing and draining day, however, a Cancer sure knows how to unwind. They immerse themselves in art and are also quite artistic themselves. For a Cancer, their day would not be complete without dining out at least once with some of their closest friends. That is another thing about Cancer, they can be pretty inclusive and are often threatened by strangers. It takes them a lot of time to warm up to somebody they have just met.

The one thing that fills the heart of Cancer with so much joy is helping other people. They usually put themselves out there to help out other people in any way they can. The Cancer considers themselves to be a vessel to spread good into the world and give everyone a helping hand. They will only consider their lives complete when they do this.
Aside from the numerous things that can get to a Cancer, they are most sensitive about matters about mothers, and would not have any criticism about them no matter what. Cancers also cannot stand having their personal life out there for the world to see. They value their privacy as much as the Virgo, and are often heartbroken if any of their private affairs become publicly known.