Capricorn Traits
Strengths: Disciplined, good manager, responsible, strong self-control;
Weaknesses: Condescending, know-it-all, unforgiving & pessimistic;
Capricorn likes: Family, music, tradition & underground material;
Capricorn dislikes: Everything.

Aside from the Taurus, the Capricorn is one of the most responsible signs in the Zodiac. The Capricorn knows their priorities and are often masters of time management. They have a very strong grip on their selves and their actions, and are disciplined in everything they do. This makes Capricorns really good managers as they are able to lead by example, and can easily handle the pressure of a high position.
Capricorns often hold themselves up to a very high standard, and as a result see themselves above others. They can be pretty domineering and often interact with everybody, even to the people they are closest to, with condescension. One can’t really blame the Capricorn; they totally look the part and are serious know-it-alls at that.
However, these are not the things that makes Capricorn hard to handle, it’s their incessant pessimistic views about everything that can really get to people. If Capricorns were a sub-culture, they would be Goths, who would suck the life out of everyone and all situations. They pretty much have something bad to say about anything, but cannot really take it when others criticize them.
Capricorns do enjoy, however, a whole lot of other things as well. Their heart is always with their family. Their bond with their parents is the strongest connection they have and is unbreakable. No one can get between a Capricorn and their mother and father To Capricorns, they are are the most important people in their life. They consider their parents even more valuable and more important than themselves.

A Capricorn also has a good ear for wonderful music, and can get totally immersed in it. The Capricorn often has the knack of discovering materials such as music, videos, and art that most people have not heard of yet, and they pride themselves in their eccentric finds. Still, despite their unconventional interests and hobbies, Capricorns are quite traditional and would often go with tried and true ways that have existed for years and years before they were even born.
Capricorns are often wrapped up in their pride and prejudices about the people around them and see themselves superior to most. It is a hard feat not to step on Capricorn’s toes as it is hard to decipher what really makes them tick. You never know when you are treading on a sensitive topic or when you are about to offend them. Beware, for if you do, it is hard to get back to a Capricorn’s good graces, as they can be unforgiving in nature.