Gemini Traits
Strengths: Ability to exchange ideas, affectionate, curious &
Weaknesses: Inconsistent, indecisive, quickly disheartened & two-sided;
Gemini likes: Long-conversations, movies, music, & short vacations;
Gemini dislikes: Being alone, being confined, repetition & routine.


There are always two sides to a Gemini.

You are never going to know what you are getting with them until they have already changed in front of you.

The Gemini who wakes up in the morning is often unrecognisable from the Gemini who went to sleep the previous evening.

It is not even about dealing with a very moody person, it is actually being with a person with two contradicting personalities.

One moment a Gemini is all chipper and happy as a monkey and the next thing you know, it is like the whole world has gone topsy turvy and you are with the most dangerous person in the world.

Geminis are pretty hard to figure out and you will waste several years of your life trying to and still end up failing to do so.

They are the most indecisive people out there and no one, not even their own parents can change that.

They simply have too many things they want to do, but it takes them a really long time to even get to a point of narrowing down their choices.
The Gemini’s inconsistencies can be quite infuriating.

One day they say they want to fly to the moon and the next day they would say that they are actually afraid of space travel.

It can have something to do with their tender hearts which are easily disheartened at the first sign of disappointment.

Geminis are the type of people who would move to another country when rejected for something that they might not even have truly wanted in the first place.

Most people find Geminis to be confusing.

They can always play two roles in one play, and have two entirely different opinions about one thing.

However, this characteristic of theirs make them perfect for bouncing of ideas with.

Geminis will always be able to show you both sides of the spectrum.  This makes for long and intellectual conversations which Geminis love.

Their ease for learning new things and overflowing curiosity makes Geminis interesting conversationalists.  People find that Geminis always have something new to share.


It helps even more that they are so into movies and music, and that they love to go on short vacations.

Just like the Sagittarius, Geminis tend to become jacks-of-all-trades, as they are always expanding their horizons.

This is also probably due to the fact that they simply dislike doing the same things over and over again.

They can get quite tired and bored with repetitive days and routine.

Come what may, Geminis are more inclined to explore new things if they have somebody they enjoy being with to come along with them.

They enjoy things more with another person by their side, as they often feel pretty insecure whenever they are alone. On their best days, 

Geminis are always ready with a dose of warm affection, and there is no person who is more fun to be with.