Libra Traits
Strengths: Co-operative, diplomatic, impartial & social;
Weaknesses: Avoids confrontations, holds grudges, indecisive &
Libra likes: Gentleness, harmony, peace & romance;
Libra dislikes: Conformity, injustice, loudmouths & violence.


Libra is the epitome of fairness. Fairness is the number one principle that they live by and adhere to in all things.

It helps that out of all the Zodiac signs, Libra is able to handle any situation with diplomacy effortlessly.

They simply strive in graciously dealing with both good and bad circumstances.

They are innately impartial and are often able to see both sides of the story.

The Libran is a lover of peace and would choose living a harmonious life over anything else; even the greatest riches of the world will not tempt these characters to abandon their peace of mind. Unsurprisingly, their need for peace gives rise to a disdain for confrontations.

They usually avoid disputes and rarely hold grudges against others. They can easily forgive and forget no matter what it was that happened.

This sign is the most gentle of all, and does not care much for those who are loudmouthed and boisterous.

They often come in between fights and are able to dissipate tension in the air.

They hate violence of any kind and would promote the quiet use of words to make their point.

Librans are very social beings and flourish in most social events.

This sign always has an original take on things and can usually grab other people’s interests.

They always think outside of the box and do not conform to any standards, especially ones set by society.

However, that does not mean they are uncooperative members of society.

In fact, Libra gladly works in groups and can be the glue that holds groups of people together.

Librans can be indecisive and sometimes put off making a decision until the time they would really need to address it.

They are also apt to take a good hard look at themselves and often end up wallowing in self-pity over their circumstances in life.


Ruled by the planet Venus, Librans are usually blessed with good looks and an affable personality.

Other people are easily taken by the charm and beauty that Libra radiates.

Librans themselves, are in a constant search for love as it is hard for them to be alone and most of the time they are craving for special companionship.

Librans bloom when they are in love.

They strive from their lover’s care and affection. In turn, Librans reciprocate that care and affection ten-fold.

This sign knows the true meaning of romance, and knows exactly how to sweep their lover off their feet.