Pisces Traits
Strengths: Creative, kind, sympathetic & talented;
Weaknesses: Head in the clouds, moody, self-sacrificing & trusts
Pisces likes: Art, romance, music & swimming;
Pisces dislikes: Being controlled, criticisms, cruelty & know-it-alls.

When it comes to art, music and sports, Pisces is the man! Pisceans are artistic individuals who dabble into all art forms, and they are great at it too. They just seem to have that artistic streak, may it be with drawing, painting or writing poems, Pisces just have that innate talent to create beautiful and artistic things.
Pisceans are so in tune with their emotions that they are quite sensitive when it comes to the criticisms of others regarding their actions. At the same time, their sympathetic nature also makes them a most compassionate person, especially to their loved ones and even to anyone they come across.
However, this gives Pisceans the constant urge to escape their reality and they tend to often have their head in the clouds. They tend to immerse themselves into a variety of hobbies such as music to do so. More often than not, they won’t just be listening to the music, their artistic nature would have them making music themselves.
Pisces also engage themselves into different physical diversions such as sports. It has been observed that most female Pisceans are into swimming. A great example would be five-time Olympic gold medalist and nine-time world champion, Katie Ledecky, who was born on the 17th of March and is a Pisces herself.
A Water sign, Pisceans’ emotional intuition makes them more susceptible to constant mood-swings. People are usually oblivious of this just because Pisceans often put on a happy disposition when around others. The Pisces is the kindest person in the Zodiac. Pisceans have the biggest hearts who will do anything and everything to help out their family, friends and even strangers in need, whether or not these people wanted the help of the Pisces.
Pisceans are the type of people who will not only say that they care about you, but will really show you how much they do. However, this makes Pisceans an easy mark for those who have bad intentions, as they easily trust others—thinking that other people would also do good to them.

The warm-hearted Pisces just can’t take people and their cruel ways, especially when it comes to animals. The Pisces holds a special place in their heart for dogs, cats and all other animals, and seeing or hearing about cruelty towards them can only break them mentally and emotionally.
Despite their good-hearted nature, Pisces is not one to be pushed around. Just because they are really nice people, doesn’t mean that they let people take advantage of them all the time. They are especially keen to shut down know-it-alls and would cut loose from anybody who tries to control them or tell them what to do with their lives.