Sagittarius Traits
Strengths: Adventurous, independent, open-minded, & optimistic;
Weaknesses: Gullible, optimistic to a fault, short-tempered & tactless;
Sagittarius likes: Honest conversations, the outdoors, surprises &
Sagittarius dislikes: Boredom, commitment, restrictions & routine.

Sagittarians are mostly friendly and jovial people, but can have quite a temper and are easily provoked. There can be two types of Sagittarians, those who are extroverts and those who are introverts. Most Sagittarians love the outdoors and revel in being one with nature. They are always wanting to get their feet off the ground and fly away to their next adventure.
Sagittarians quickly feel bored with things that take too much time to accomplish, and will often flit from one project to another. Although this wastes a lot of their time with only unfinished work to show for, Sagittarians often become a jack-of-all-trades because of this.
Sagittarius is the most honest of the Zodiac. Other people always look to them for advice since they tell it like it is, instead of couching their language diplomatically. However, Sagittarians’ honesty is not always welcomed by their peers. Most often other people find Sagittarius’ brash and frank view of things to be tactless and rude. Some are just left baffled, since the Sagittarius also possesses that conflicting innocence and charm that lets them get away with most of their remarks. Although Sagittarians don’t usually hurt other people deliberately, they do have the knack for pushing other people’s buttons, especially in a fight.
Like the Pisces, Sagittarius is ruled by the biggest planet, Jupiter. Accordingly, they like to live large, and often lead a life of grandeur as much as they are able. Sagittarians have big dreams for themselves and their loved ones. This sign is the most optimistic of all. Their minds are always wandering to the future.
People often see them as blindly optimistic, but what they don’t understand is Sagittarians are so optimistic because things usually do go their way. Things mostly work out for them, even in seemingly hopeless circumstances. This sign is the luckiest of them all, especially when it comes to money.

Sagittarians tend to keep a happy disposition towards life and people in general. They are mostly open-minded beings who are free from judging others, and can often set aside prejudices and first impressions. They usually go out of their way to really get to know another person.
Although the Sagittarius has the gift of gab and has that predisposed talent for communicating well with others, they themselves find it hard to express how they truly feel about things and other people. Others usually regard Sagittarians to be an open book, however, Sagittarians have a side to them that they keep to themselves. This is not because they are hiding it, but simply because they are not able to express it clearly to others, not even to the people who are closest to them.