Scorpio Traits
Strengths: Driven, honest, loyal, & talented;
Weaknesses: Secretive, stubborn, suspicious & violent;
Scorpio likes: A great purpose, interesting facts, relaxing & teasing;
Scorpio dislikes: Dishonesty, drama, revealing secrets & reactive

Being a Water sign, Scorpions have an in-depth connection to their emotions. However, unlike Pisceans, they often conceal theirs inside a very tough shell. Scorpios prefer keeping personal issues private, and usually don’t share them with anybody but themselves. One can be with a Scorpio for several years and think they know the Scorpion very well, but in the middle of it all realize that they have barely even scratched the surface.
Scorpios hide their true emotions as strongly as people who secure their precious diamonds. They are heavily-guarded and armed with the toughest exterior. It takes a whole lot of time to gain the trust of the Scorpio, as they always have their walls up and are often suspicious about people’s ulterior motives.
Out of all the Zodiac signs, the Scorpion is the only one that truly understands the purpose of life and the power of the Universe. They have a deep spiritual connection with their surroundings that helps them build a solid knowledge of themselves. The only thing that they are seriously living for is that one great purpose that they believe they were born to do.
Despite the Scorpios tendency for serious retrospect, this sign knows the true meaning of being in the moment. This may mean taking a whole lot of their time to just lay back, relax, and enjoy their own company. One of the things that delights the seemingly playful nature of a Scorpio is teasing the hell out of others. They get a weird kick out of provoking people and driving people off the edge. And often know exactly just what to say or do to push people to their wit’s end.
Aside from the Sagittarius, the Scorpio is also considered as one of the most honest signs in the Zodiac. The Scorpio’s contempt for dishonesty has them raking out the truth in most situations. They may not speak truths as bluntly as Sanitarians do, but the truth often hurts and the Scorpion won’t hesitate to say it, especially when in a foul mood.
Scorpios eventually snap from their cool attitude and will show a violent side to their personality, whenever faced with a persistent array of dramatic situations, and being surrounded by people who tend to overreact quickly. Because they often expect others to take life as they do and keep their cool and just take things as they come, they find it hard to understand people who do not live life as they do. Scorpios are also easily enraged when their most precious secrets are revealed by someone they trusted not to.

However, Scorpions are the most loyal people you will ever meet. Just the idea of saying bad things about you behind your back will have them reeling with guilt in no time. Scorpions are the type of people who value their relationship with their loved ones and friends more than they do material things, even when it comes to money.
The Scorpio is one of the most driven and passionate of the Zodiac, so much so that once they set their mind and heart into something, they are sure to achieve it. In this case, Scorpios are often under the spotlight. A lot of famous celebrities are Scorpios. This includes award-winning actresses and actors such as Anne Hathaway, Matthew McConaughey and Leonardo DiCaprio, to name a few.