Taurus Traits
Strengths: Patient, practical, responsible & selfless;
Weaknesses: Over-compulsive, possessive, relentless & unstable;
Taurus likes: Cooking, gardening, manual labor & music;
Taurus dislikes: Change, complications, improvisations & surprises.


The most responsible one in the group, others usually end up depending on a Taurus. Taureans can sometimes be annoying with their lectures and reminders, but they definitely know what they are talking about. They have had it all planned out in their heads the week or month before, or even years ahead of you.When it comes to the important things in life, Taureans are quick to apply a practical approach and handle things as gracefully as they can. After all, they are the only ones that have the patience to deal with several things at once, without needing anybody else’s help. The Taurus is pretty selfless that way. They would not bother anybody about their own business if they can avoid it.
However, their incessant over-thinking and planning things out can makes Tauruses over-compulsive, even on the nittiest and grittiest of issues. They are often at the ready to bombard you with things that they feel you need to address, even if you’re at a party trying to have fun.
The one thing that sums up a Taurus is that much like that of a Gemini’s, the Taurean’s character can be quite unstable a lot of the time. They tend to snap in the middle of a very compromising situation and completely go off the rails from there.
They are not big fans of change; that much is sure. Their Obsessive Compulsive Disorder does not allow room for any complications, especially improvisations. Don’t get them started with surprises, they hate surprises. For a techtorev, a good day would be when everything goes as smoothly as possible, just the way they like it.


Their need for routine makes a Taurus right at home with activities such as gardening. They are always up for something where they can make use of their hands; activities that make them feel that they have physical control over the outcome. Taureans are your go-to-guys for manual labor. These things exhilarate the Taurus as they know just what to do to make things work. This makes them awesome musicians as well, especially on instruments played with hands.
Aside from the Cancer, the Taurus is next in line in being one of the best cooks in the Zodiac. They are quick to follow instructions. Although, when it comes to cooking, the kitchen is the one place they do not need control over. Taureans just have that gift for winging it when they are in front of the stove.