Virgo Traits
Strengths: Analytical, helpful, observant, pragmatic;
Weaknesses: Hypercritical, intrusive, shy, a worrywart;
Virgo likes: Animals, books, cleanliness, nature;
Virgo dislikes: Being in the spotlight, dependence, invasion of their
personal space, rudeness.

Virgos are very concerned with their personal space. Whereas most people open up after some prodding, Virgos will shut themselves down even more. It is not that they are intentionally closing themselves off to other people and the world, it’s just that they do not feel the need to give people an intimate look into their innermost thoughts and feelings. They maintain the value of their personal life by keeping it a private affair between themselves and no one else.
Being an Earth sign, Virgos are not the kind to crave attention from others like most people do. In fact, they do not want any attention at all, much less being the center of it. When put under the spotlight, the Virgo will cower and retreat to their shell even more. Virgos are naturally shy people, and would prefer to stay at home and read a good book or two, or even several.
In this way, Virgos do not really comprehend people who depend on them and others. They find other people’s need for their help as a lack of self-worth and ability. Virgos perceive others as they do themselves, as someone who can stand on their own.
However, the Virgo is still ready to offer a helping hand to others. Virgos often get themselves involved in other people’s business as they can be quite intrusive in matters they think they have a handle on. The thing is, Virgos have a handle on a lot of things because they are so very observant, coupled with their love of books and reading, Virgos are just bursting with knowledge.

Virgos also tend to worry a lot about several things at once. They always have their head wrapped around the next hurdle they fear the will soon face. Nevertheless, despite these characteristics, Virgos always take a good and practical take on things. They will always handle situations in the way they think is the most reasonable and of course, feasible for them.
The heart of a Virgo truly belongs to animals, nature and cleanliness. A Virgo can be closer to their pets and would show more emotion and love to them more than they do to their family. The same way that Virgos can be more at home and one with nature than at their own house. However, wherever they may be a Virgo will always have a strong penchant to clean. This sign strongly believes in the saying, “Cleanliness is next to godliness”.