Aquarius Traits

Strengths: Adaptable, friendly, hard-working & independent;
Weaknesses: Aloof, emotionally detached, hard-headed & pessimistic;
Aquarius likes: Hanging out with friends, parties, social acceptance,
trying out new things;
Aquarius dislikes: Being alone, conflict, failure & limitations.


Aquarius is regularly mistaken to be a Water sign, when in fact it is an Air sign. Aquarius is the only sign that typically gets along with everyone in the Zodiac. This is because Aquarians are the most adaptable and can easily adjust to different people and situations. Aquarians are usually famous amongst their peers and have a lot of friends from different walks of life.

Aquarius: The Adaptable Air Sign
What’s more is that Aquarians are often eager to please others and get in their good graces. The Aquarius is very conscious about what other people think about them and will really get out of their own way to help out others in any and all situations even at their own expense. Although they are quite attached to the perception of others, you will never find them clinging emotionally to anyone, not even to their closest friends or to their family.

Aquarians tend to follow their heads, rather than their hearts, simply because they let logic take over everything they do. However, they are not the type to sit around at home all day just reading books; even the most introverted Aquarians love to get out now and then and party all through the night with their friends and strangers alike.

Aquarians are Social Creatures
People don’t often see Aquarians as the life of the party, but nonetheless, you will always find an Aquarius in every party in town. The Aquarius’ loves to socialize, may it just be hanging out with their best friend or drinking the night away with a bunch of people they just met.

Aside from the Sagittarius, Aquarius is the next sign to go to when you’re in need of company. Although quite hesitant at first, they will never pass up an opportunity to get out of the house and try something new. They are always game for anything that ensures they will be meeting new people and checking an entry in their immensely long bucket list.

Aquarians simply do not thrive whenever they are alone, or even when they are feeling lonely. When the Aquarian is not getting any love or attention from their peers, they tend to go in the deep end and sulk. There are times that they are not exactly the easiest people to be with, as Aquarians can be quite hard-headed when it comes to wanting to do things their way.

Aquarians also tend to look at the negative side of things. They avoid expecting anything from anyone and usually anticipate bad things to happen rather than good ones. In this way, they feel like there is a less chance for them to get hurt by others, and an even lesser chance of hurting themselves.

Aquarians are Independent and Driven

Aquarians are extremely high-achievers and expect a lot from their own abilities. When it comes to getting things done, they are totally independent and rarely ask for anybody’s help. They are the type of people who will never back down in a challenge and will do anything to go beyond their boundaries.

This water-bearer despises any limitations set upon them and will strive their best to prove people wrong. The best thing about the Aquarian is their forgiving nature. They easily forget about wrong things that people have done to them and forgive others for hurting them. They have never found conflict to be attractive, and would do anything to avoid getting involved in one.