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Let Me Introduce Myself

By Staff Writer

Fatima Imran

Hello, Loves!

Reading your birth chart is not rocket science.

Though I must admit that this is not a game of naives too but with proper guidance, one can have mastery over one’s fate.

Now you can actually have a broader vision about your destiny and what is to come.

To read your birth chart, let’s start with mine.

I have opened my life secrets for you guys to understand how you should see things from different angles.

I must suggest to all of you…my dearies, if you have decided to follow us, drop the rest …because otherwise it might end up confusing you and we don’t want that!

So starting with my birth chart.

Let’s start with a position of a Moon.

Moon represents all the feminine things. In one’s life, it also represents mothers and women of all types.

Moon also signifies short travels because the Moon is a wanderer by nature who loves to move. But the Moon also completes its journey and comes back to where it started.

So taking these keywords for the Moon (mother + travel+ emotions etc ) we will see how the Moon impacted my life.

This is not only about what I represent as a Moon. We have to see what are the other things that the Moon represents in my life.

As you can see, the Moon is in my third House of Pisces. Pisces is a watery sign. We all know water makes its own way and doesn’t hesitate to break through mountains and rocks and seeps out from the depths unknown to mankind.

The third House is related to the native’s early life, his primary education, and short-term travels. Now as my birth chart reveals, I traveled a lot in my early life and since it was Moon, I didn’t go that far (I didn’t go across the seas or settled there) and always came back to where I started.

Short journeys related to the Moon can be 10-15 days. So yes, my travels were always short-spanned.

Moon also represents, one’s mother so my mother had a great influence on my childhood and primary education. She was the one who decided things for me and guided me through the path. My father did not have much influential role in all this phase of my life.

Talking about what is Moon as “me”, one must know that Moon is not only feminine but emotional too. I must admit that I was a bit (a lot actually) more dramatic and emotional in my childhood than I am now.

Moon with Rahu increases my affairs of the third House. So my primary education was well received.

I had a great neighborhood and my mother was a great influencer.

Also, as the Moon is in its own House, it is joyous here. A planet when in its own House acts more benefic and less malefic.

So Moon in my third House gave me certain privileges in my early life which other people may say “shot of luck”.

So that’s a little about me.

I will share more insights with you in coming articles.

See you soon!


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