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    Birth chart
    Hello, loves!

    As I have mentioned earlier that reading your birth chart is not rocket science. Though I must admit that this is not a game of naives too but with proper guidance, one can have mastery over his fate.

    Now you can actually have a broader vision about your destiny and what is to come.

    To read your birth chart, let’s start with mine. I have opened my life secrets for you guys to understand how you should see things from different angles.


    See the full explanation here:


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    Gurpreet Singh

    Can you let me know if i have foreign settlement in life and if so what year and by when can i expect this to happen ??

    Gurpreet Singh

    My details are :

    Date of birth: 2nd June 1979

    Time of birth: 14:17pm

    Place of birth: New Delhi – India



    you need to create your chart from the main page and upload it here for us to look at.


    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi Gurpreet,</p>
    First of all upload, your birth chart here, and secondly, the birth chart gives you a direction but the choice is always yours. Even if your birth chart shows foreign settlement and you don’t try for it, you can’t have it. Your choice is your reality.

    Secondly, We can tell you a period during which if you try, you can have what you want. So if your birth chart shows settlement we can definitely predict it but we can’t make it “happen” at any specific date or time in your life. And please never ever trust anyone who claims to make things possible for you. It’s always either fate(that depends on your time of birth) or you, yourself!ยนย  I hope you got my point.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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