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I’d Like to Help More

I love to teach and share my knowledge.

I like to help people improve their lives by learning new things.

And I’ve discovered a few things about astrology that make a whole lot of sense.

For example –

  1. how Vedic Astrology is different to Western Astrology;
  2. why Vedic Astrology is better than Western Astrology;
  3. Why it is necessary to have your birth data to generate an individual horoscope;
  4. How Astrology is useful in our everyday lives;
  5. what is meant by fixed planetary references vs moving (sidereal vs tropical);
  6. why generic horoscope predictions, which constitute 99% of predictions to be found on the internet, are too vague and general;
  7. why it is necessary to have personalised horoscope for each individual;
  8. What is meant by various terms – ascendant, house, sign, etc. 
  9. How to pronounce “Vedic?”
  10. What is meant by the term “Vedic Astrology?”
  11. How a chart is drawn up?
  12. The connection between the planets and the physiology of our brains?

The only downside to sharing all this information is that it takes a lot of work and skill to upload it to this site (or any site) in a format that is easy for you to access.

If only there was a way to get paid for providing this information.

According to the people at this site,, there is.

They are holding out the promise of a financial return for my publishing efforts within 30 days, if I simply follow their step-by-step system.

So I’m going to give it a try.

If it works, I’ll be inspired to provide for you even more great features on this site.

Looking forward to making this work,

Andrew Scott



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