Blog Posts about Vedic Astrology

How to find the Ascendant in Vedic astrology?


While reading a birth chart, it’s important to know a few basic and key factors. Knowing the Ascendant is one

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What are Vedic Astrology Signs and the Difference between Vedic and Modern Astrology

Vedic Astrology comprises 12 Zodiac signs like every other branch of Astrology. The use of Vedic Astrology in the past

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Let Me Introduce Myself

Hello, Loves! Reading your birth chart is not rocket science. Though I must admit that this is not a game

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How I See Vedic Astrology as Different to Western Astrology

Have you ever wondered why do people have similar questions when it comes to the basics of astrology? Am I

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I’d Like to Help More

I love to teach and share my knowledge. I like to help people improve their lives by learning new things.

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