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How to Interpret the 6th House in a Vedic Astrology birth chart

By Staff Writer

Fatima Imran

The 6th House tells us about the illness of natives, his servants, small animals. His diseases whether they are by birth or accident.

When you are to read the 6th House in Vedic astrology, even count on a question like should I have a pet cat?

You can also look for other things like how long the disease will last or if a person will receive a loss or benefit from his employees or servants etc.

Remember, the 6th House doesn’t make any aspect with the ascendant or 1st House.

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How to read 6th House in Vedic astrology birth chart?

While reading any House, the first thing we see is the direct placement of any planet there.

Many times like here in my birth chart there is no planet placed directly in the 6th House.

Fatima Imran Chart

This is not the case for all natives.

If Saturn is placed in the 6th House, this brings sickness to natives. The person will have a disobedient family and will receive loss from servants. Saturn here also means “You should not have a pet cat” because small animals are not in your favor. Overall Saturn in 6th bring grief and maybe also imprisonment for native.
Jupiter in 6th House is good news. It means the person will benefit from small cattle and servants will be favorable to him. Also, he will be favored by his uncles and aunts. 6th House is also about them.
Mars in 6th means native will have diseases that may affect his overall stature also. However, if Mars is well placed in 6th and with conjunction to Venus with trine aspect to Mercury, it makes a native good doctor.
If Sun is in 6th Hosue then the native will receive benefit from his servants and small animals. In other times they will be unfavorable to him.
Sun also means that sickness is related to head and Brain and sickness will last longer. If Sun is in the 6th House and Mars is in the 1st House, the native’s father will have a short life.

Venus placed in 6th House means overall healthy body but native will receive loss from servants. As Venus donates young servants, so mostly the loss will come from female servants.
If Venus is well aspected with Jupiter, the native will receive benefits from servants. His aunties and uncles will respect him.

Mercury in 6th means native will be involved in illicit activities especially maybe with servants. If Mercury makes an aspect with Mars or Saturn, the native will have unpleasant diseases and will die a violent death. However, when well placed, the native will be very good in mathematics.
Moon in 6th House means native will have diseases of the brain but will be profited from small cattle and servants
Rahu in the 6th House means servants will be loyal to natives and all things related to the 6th House will be beneficial to him. He will get fewer diseases and his uncles and aunts will benefit him.
Ketu here means the servants will plot against the native. He will be looted by them in any way and small beasts will be harmful to him.
Reading Rahu and Ketu in my Vedic astrology birth chart

How to read about the health of natives?







When a person particularly wants to find out about health, he must see different planets. Observe their connection to the 6th House ruler and ascendant. Here are some general things to know and we will follow my chart too

If the 6th House ruler is in the 6th House and well placed then natives will have diseases that will cure quickly. The same goes for any planet that is well placed in the 6th House.
When Moon is in good aspect with 6th House ruler then native has good health.
In my chart, the Moon makes a trine aspect with Mercury. I hardly remember going to the doctor in my childhood. It’s not that I didn’t get other diseases like viral ones but I recovered. ( Also read The aspect and positions of planets in my chart)
Also, the ruler of the 6th House in configuration to the lord of ascendant means the native will not be frequently sick. In my chart, both are in conjunction.
Jupiter and Venus in the 6th House, make the native healthy and protect him from dangerous diseases.
Ruler of 6th House with no ill aspect to Mars or Saturn makes native healthy. In my case, not with Saturn but the 6th House ruler is in the square with Mars. Now Mars is already in House that is ruled by Saturn which is the ascendant ruler too.
If Sun and Moon are in conjunction, opposition, or square to Mars or Saturn, the native will have eye diseases. In my chart, Sun is in conjunction with Saturn, so yes, I have weak eyesight and I wear spectacle.
Sun and Moon in opposition also mean sickness in eyes.
When Saturn joins Moon in tropical sign and opposes Mars, it means native will fall from a high place.
Moon and Mercury in mute signs show natives will have speech defects.
Mercury in 6th with Ketu makes the native defective of speech.
How to read 6th House regarding servants and small animals?










When Moon, ruler of the 6th House and ruler of ascendant are in good aspect, the native will benefit from servants and small animals. This is happening in my case. And it has proven to be true till now both in terms of servants and small animals.
Jupiter or Venus in the 6th House means native will have well-qualified servants.
Mercury in retrograde or combust means the servants will rob the native.
Saturn, Mars, or Ketu in the 6th House means the native will receive damage through servants.
The lord of the 6th House in conjunction with Lord of ascendant means native will gain benefit from small cattle. This is happening in my nativity. I should start a business. Idea!
How the placement of the ruler of the 6th House affects the native?

If the ruler of the 6th House is in the ascendant, the native will receive harm from servants and will get sick unless it is well situated.
In the 2nd House, it means the native will lose a lot of money on disease and will work hard. He will earn well but will not die rich.
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Ruler of 6th House in 3rd House means native will fall sick during journeys and will have sickly siblings. (How to read about siblings in Vedic astrology birth chart).
In the 4th House, it means native will have genetic sickness and his father work in lower ranks.
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5th House brings sickness to natives’ children and it also means his children will disobey him.
Placement in its own House means native will be sick because of hard work.
Reading the matters of 5th House in Vedic astrology birth chart

7th House placement means danger brought by women. It also makes the natives’ partner sickly.
Ruler of 6th House in 8th means native will die because of sickness and his enemy will die before him.
In 9th House, it means native is fraudulent by nature. He will get sick in other countries.
Lord of 6th House in 10th House means native will be humiliated and damaged by people of higher ranks. The native will get depression due to this.
11th House placement brings prejudice by friends. In my case, it is also the House of Scorpio. Ahh! Who doesn’t have false friends anyways?.
In the 12th House, the lord of the 6th House brings hate by enemies. He will receive dishonor and may face health issues due to imprisonment.
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