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Unlocking the Mysteries of the 4th House in a Vedic Astrology Chart

By Staff Writer

Fatima Imran

As different Vedic Astrology houses have their significance, the 4th House is related to matters of inheritance, fathers, heritage, houses, lands, etc. Today we will unlock the mysteries of the 4th House and will go through my Vedic astrology birth chart too.

How to read the 4th House in a Vedic Astrology birth chart.




For the 4th House, we see the 4th House itself along with the position of its lord. Also, what is the relationship of these planets with the moon and ruler of the ascendant?

Mostly 4th House is used to make predictions about fathers. While reading birth charts, reading about fathers is very common. As it is amongst the common first-hand information extracted from the Vedic astrology birth chart.

Keep in mind that Sun is a fatherly figure in the chart and Moon represents one’s mother. Here most people miss out on a thing that if the chart is night chart, Saturn will signify father instead of Sun. Since my Vedic astrology birth chart is a Diurnal chart so we will take Sun.

Generally speaking, if most planets regarding the 4th House are well placed, the father of Native will have great fortune and native will also inherit some of it.

On the other hand, if the above-said planets are ill-placed then even if natives will inherit money, it won’t be long-lasting or beneficial for them.

What are a few possible readings from the 4th House?

If the ascendant ruler is in good aspect with the ruler of the 4th House, it means Native shall have a good relationship with father. They will be like friends. (Also read how to find ascendants in Vedic astrology birth chart).
When Moon is in good aspect with 4th House lord or ascendant ruler, it also represents a good relationship between a father and native. Now you may think why Moon? Isn’t Moon for mothers?
The Moon reflects the light of the Sun and also Moon as a whole is taken while reading 4th House. Sometimes in a chart Moon also receives and transmits light from one planet to another.

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If the 4th House ruler is making trine or sextile aspect with an ascendant ruler or vice versa, the native shares a strong, friendly, and long-lasting relationship with the father.
When the ascendant ruler or Moon is trine or Sun or Saturn, this means the native and his father will have unity and agreement between them.
If planets don’t fall in accord with one another, natives will not have a good relationship with their fathers. They both will disagree in most matters.
Let’s see my chart here:


Fatima Imran Chart

My 4th House in Aries is ruled by Mars.

In my chart, both the Sun and the ruler of Ascendant are in a good relationship with Moon. T

hey are making a trine aspect to it. The lord of the 4th House is, however, in a square with an ascendant ruler and no strong aspect to Moon.

Ascendant ruler and Moon itself is also in trine with a house of Moon, the 7th house of Cancer. Whereas they are in no aspect to 4th House itself.

So the placement of most planets is in my favor. My relationship with my father was good. Overall, he was my ideal and he was a very kind and loving father to me. Though he was not a very close friend to me he always stood by my side even when no one else was.

How to read if a person will get father’s fortune and will it be beneficial to him?


This is a tricky part too. We need to see if the birth chart is a “day chart” or “night chart”. Since my chart is diurnal so we will go for that but for a night you will consider Moon and Saturn.

In a diurnal chart, if Sun is in good aspect with Venus or Jupiter, the native will receive a great fortune from their father.

If Saturn is below the horizon and Mars is in aspect to Sun, the native will destroy the money received from father. The same happens if Moon is in a bad aspect to Saturn or Mars in the night chart.

If the ruler of the 4th House is in the 2nd House, the native will be the buyer of lands and houses. If both rulers are in mutual reception, the case is stronger.

This is what is happening in my chart. The ruler of the 4th House is Mars which is in the 2nd House. Mars and Saturn are in mutual reception. Aha, money guys !!

If Jupiter or Venus is in the 4th House, the native will receive agricultural land. Mines and treasures will suit him well.

Ruler of 2nd House in 4th House means native will inherit good money from father.

The part of fortune in the 4th House with Jupiter or Venus brings a lot of money later in life. My part of fortune is in the 4th House of my Vedic astrology birth chart. Also, it is making sextile aspect with the ruler of the 4th House. So I guess I should wait and watch .. Aha I have nice retirement plans in my mind too.

What does it mean if the ruler of the 4th House is in other Houses?

If the ruler of the 4th House is in the ascendant, it means the native will be very lucky in trade and shall gain profit from buildings.
In the 2nd House, the ruler of the 4th signifies rich parents who will give money to natives. The native will benefit from purchasing houses and lands.
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The placement of the 4th ruler in the 3rd House means the native will receive benefit from his siblings and short-term journeys. This also means his siblings will receive loss from their parents.
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Ruler of 4th in its own House means native will accomplish fame amongst higher authorities and will be rich. He will be fortunate in dealing with all kinds of lands and goods.
In the 5th House, placement of 4th House ruler means the native will get profit from father. Also, his children will be favorable to him.
Placement of 4th House ruler in 6th House makes natives’ parents poor. The native himself will benefit from dealing in small cattle.
In the 7th House, the 4th House ruler signifies money from partners and lawsuits.
The placement of the 4th House ruler in the 8th House means the native’s father will have a short life. The native himself may die out of the country. He will gain a fortune through wills and legacies.
In 9th House, it means to benefit from long journeys and will gain knowledge in sciences. It also shows the sickness of the native’s father.
4th House ruler in 10th House means natives’ father will be more famous amongst people of higher ranks. The native will gain money from the profession.
In 11th House, it means the short life of natives’ father and his cause of sickness.
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The 12th House, holding the ruler of the 4th House means the native’s father is a foreigner, and the native himself may spend his life abroad.
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