Planets in the 4th House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 4th House


The Sun or Moon in the 4th House

The 4th House is an angular House.  This structure gives planets in the 4th House enhanced power and prominence.

Because of this, the nature and tendencies of those planets that occupy the 4th House will be deeply embedded within the person and clearly visible to others.

Planets situated in the 4th House also aspect the 10th House, which usually gives energy and power to the person’s career.

Even if the 10th House contains no planets or is otherwise weak, a person with one or more planets occupying the 4th House may still hold a powerful position in society.

The indicators of the 4th House are Mercury and the Moon.

Before making a conclusive judgement of 4th House matters, we should consider the placement of the Lord of the 4th House and the House indicators.  These majorly concern the Sun or Moon.

Sun in the 4th House


When the Sun is in the 4th House, the person is happy, good-natured and mellow.

They benefit from their mother.

There will be an adequate number of fixed assets or vehicles.

The career will be satisfactory and the person will be very close to their father.

There might be inheritances or property from the father, if the Sun is ruling in good Houses or is well aspected.

The person will be ambitious and enjoy wielding power.

They will be attracted to gold colored ornaments or jewelry.

They might have an interest in the occult or spiritual subjects.

Education will be smooth, and they will find it easy to obtain a degree.

However if the Sun is afflicted, for example situated in Libra, or aspected by a malefic such as Mars or Saturn, there could be problems with the heart.  Welcome to the Sun in the 4th House.

Exalted or Own House

When the Sun is in Aries or Leo in the 4th House, the person owns opulent, tasteful homes, land and vehicles.

The career is a successful one which offers the native the opportunity to wield significant power.

The person will enjoy the relationship with their father more than with their mother, and is likely to inherit property from the father and otherwise benefit in some way.

Even more power will be conferred upon the person towards the close of their life.

Education will flourish and the person is able to obtain a fine degree.

Debilitated or Fallen

When the Sun is in Libra in the 4th House, the person tends to be unhappy and lacking in contentment.

They will tend to be shy and cold-hearted.

There will not be much happiness from the relationship with either their father or their mother.  Both parents may lead uncomfortable lives or face severe challenges to their health at an early age.

There will be problems with the person’s car and they may not own their own home.

Ownership of fixed assets will be spasmodic; sometimes they will own them, other times they will be lost due to sale or some other method of disposal.

Education is likely to be interrupted and not result in a degree.

There is likely to be a disease of the physical heart, and some emotional disturbance as well.

The person’s career will be difficult to establish, and they will not have much power within it.

Moon in the 4th House


Waxing Moon

If the Moon is waxing and in the 4th House, the person is very fortunate because the Moon gains directional strength in this House.

The person will generally be happy and content, and have a very close relationship with their mother and receive benefits from her.  The mother herself will be lucky and live to a ripe old age.

The person will have a high degree of integrity, be loving, tender and kind.

They will be fortunate enough to own a fine dwelling and any kind of vehicle they desire, for example cars, boats, or planes.  There will be substantial comfort and luxuries in this person’s life.

The person is able to work up to a good position and enjoy a high status in their career.

There will be many female friends, whom the person holds very dear.

The education will be substantial, including a degree, and will lead to a career being the source of prestige.

The person will show compassion towards the needs of the masses and be interested in caring for them or nurturing them in some way.

There will be inheritance on the mother’s side, or benefits from ancestral property or wealth.

There could be gains from landscape gardening, agriculture, or farming.

Waning Moon

A waning Moon in the 4th House is still beneficial karma, but not as good as a waxing Moon.

The person will probably be close to their mother, but her love and inspiration will be less consistent and possibly unreliable to a small degree.

The person’s contentment and happiness will tend to fluctuate.

Change of residence is indicated more often than usual.

It’s possible that the early life of this person will be challenged by weakness and sickness, and one can expect the child with this placement to require milk supplements until they are able to partake of solid food.

Exalted or Own House

Should the waxing Moon be in either Taurus or Cancer in the 4th House, the fortunate person will enjoy all the benefits of the waxing Moon to an even higher degree.

They will be powerful and successful.  The finest homes, luxuries, and vehicles will be available to them and they will enjoy great happiness and contentment.

Education is easy, a masters degree or PhD is highly possible.

The mother is likely to be famous, wealthy, and long-lived, and the person’s relationship with their mother is a source of great happiness.

The person’s relationship with the public will be favorable and positive, and is likely to benefit the person with this placement.

If the Moon is waning, the benefits will still be there, but will be slightly lessened.

Debilitated or Fallen

When the Moon is in the 4th House and Scorpio, the native will not receive much joy or happiness from their relationship with their mother, whose life will tend to be difficult, unhappy, or challenging.

The native will tend towards meanness or cruelty.

Physically, there are likely to be problems or diseases of the heart.

Home ownership or possession of land is not likely, and if they do own a car, it is likely to break down frequently.

Happiness and contentment are contraindicated.

Loss or sale of fixed assets at various points in the native’s life is highly likely.

An interrupted education is likely and the native might not obtain a tertiary degree.

As a baby, the native will probably be fed from a bottle, rather than the breast.

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