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What are the Secrets Revealed by the 11th House in my Vedic Astrology Birth Chart?

By Staff Writer

Fatima Imran

Hello, lovelies!

Today, reading my astrology birth chart, I will write about my 11th House and how it has affected my life.

This is to make sure that you understand how to read the Vedic astrology birth chart.

You might wonder why I have chosen the House of friends?

Well, firstly 11th House is much more than that and secondly, I have three planets here. Saturn, Mercury, and Sun.

You will be amazed to see how it’s a spider web that entangles all my birth charts.

What is the 11th House about?

In general, the 11th House tells us mainly about friends but it also tells about your income from a profession, your family debts and inheritance, and your hopes and dreams.

(Read our article Vedic Astrology Houses to know more).

Let’s see my chart first:

Fatima Imran Chart


My 11th House is the sign of Scorpio.

We will discuss three things here. The planets located here, the House ruler, and how all this is connected to other things in my chart.

What does the direct placement of planets tell about me?

The planets here are Saturn, Mercury, and Sun. They are in conjunction.

The ruler planet of the 11th House is Mars which is in the 2nd House along with Jupiter. Now let’s make sense of all this. First, we will see the direct allocation of planets that are in the same House.

From the knowledge, we know Saturn and Mercury conjunction is productive for career and employment.  Yes, I am blessed in many aspects. 

Right when I think my career is over, there is always a new opportunity handed over to me. I call it a “divine gift”.

That is why even in writing I have such a diverse career from being an author of books to writing for different niches and being a content creator.

Also, Saturn turning retrograde every year brings me diverse career choices. It opens new doors.

Sometimes it slows down my career too.  As 11th House is a House that shows your income from your career.

Mercury is related to literary people.  It gives the native an inner spark to “write”.   Moreover, the ruler of the 11th House is in my 2nd House, House of riches and possessions

. So I hope I am going to do well in writing as I earn from writing. (Life is an ongoing journey. Let’s see where it takes me).

Also, this combo of Saturn and Mercury bring debts and the 11th House tells us about family debts yet to be paid.  Though I have no family debt to be paid (other things affect chart) but I must say debt is my second friend.

Most of the time I have to pay debt whether in the forms of installments or some harmless borrowed money from friends. (Debt is not always a penalty plus I am a shopaholic always paying installments for things I buy).

The good news is this combination makes natives resourceful and intelligent so there is always a way out.  Also, it gives me an adventurous and seeker nature. (You will see how this is related).

Now talk about Saturn and Sun conjunction.

They are not very favorable to each other (no matter where they are placed). I t takes away a native’s possessions and friendships.  Don’t forget this is a House of Scorpio and a place of friends.

Friends who will betray me.

This is not something new for any of us. There are people in life who act to be your close ones but they have blades hidden under their arms.

They will hurt you as painfully as possible.

Yes, I have experienced hurt and pain. This is what life is about.  Isn’t it?

It’s a mix of rains and rainbows, roses and thorns. We have to accept its rage as much as we accept its politeness and harmony.

This is what makes us humans, and a good one.

Well, although this place gives me secret enemies, who have fed on my miseries, this combination also brings joy.  I will outlive most of my enemies!  Isn’t it a victory in itself?

No matter how someone tries to push you down, you are there shining like a warrior.


Friends on Beach


About friends, all the combinations whether, Saturn and Mercury, Sun and Saturn or Sun and Mercury make a native friend of people at higher places.

Even Mars, the ruler of the 11th House, is with Jupiter.  And Mars and Jupiter’s conjunction make the native friends of kings. (Here we will interpret this as friends in higher places).

Despite, some secret and vengeful people, I have a lot of friends on whom I rely a lot.

They love me as much as I love them and they have a special place in my life for as long as I shall live.

Mars is a ruler of the House of friends and in my 2nd House, it gives me friends from the military as well.

Also, our home (shown from 2nd House) was in the army area so most of my friends belonged to army families.

Mars and Jupiter’s conjunction give careers in public life.

Again, see how this is related to my writing (Mercury placement which gives me the talent to write and get published).

Mercury and Sun is an interesting combo. It makes the native friends of friends.

Oh yes, I have a long list of friends. (Basically, everyone I meet is my friend first unless he or she proves the opposite).

Though this can be a weakness too, I think this is how I am.

Pen and Notebook

Mercury and Sun conjunction also give natives a career in public.

So career-wise this is decided that I will prevail in writing which I have adapted as a career too.

Moreover, these two planets make the native sensible (honestly which my mother thinks I am not), and a person of good judgment (this I think I am).

They also give natives a great love of beauty.

Oh yes, this is me.

A native with this combination of stars is fond of his associates (I am literally in love with every other person in my life.)

Independent and of showy nature. (Maybe I am).

Also, this combination gives natives an unstable life with lots of ups and downs.

Trust me, my life is worth watching drama and my closest people can vouch for that.  Here the good news is, that at least I am not going into poverty, other than that I can handle ups and downs.

This is part of life.

Now you have seen why I have chosen the 11th House because it is the center point of all my birth charts.

After planets here, let’s see these planets rule which Houses and how it affects their placement here.

Starting from the Sun, Sun in a square with Mars brings illness to natives’ father.

Sun is in place which calculates the death of father and the House is Scorpio.

My father died last year and he was diabetic (a disease of the blood that affects the circulatory system too).

Mercury rules my 6th House and my 9th House.

Exactly when the ruler of the 9th House is in Scorpio, it makes native travel North.

Also, Moon in my third gives me short travels. Yes, Northern places are my fav. (

These are hilly areas here in our country) and every year I travel there for sake of adventure and my love for green lands.

Saturn is the ruler of my ascendant, making me who I am, giving me what I will earn, and telling me what my life is going to be.

Mercury trine Moon makes native successful while Saturn square with Jupiter brings hurdles in that success. (Divine way to keep balance).

Another interesting fact is Mercury gives a native knowledge of the stars  (astrology), and the placement in my 11th House shows that even I am writing this article for a reason.

We all were meant to be here. Me writing and you reading this article.

Ruler of 11th House placed in 2nd House makes native gain benefit from friends and children.

Despite some people who will plot against me, I have abundant trustworthy friends who have supported me through thins of my life.

So you guys have seen why I have chosen my 11th House to tell you. This is a spiral encircling my cycle of life through different dimensions.

In the end, I must say, I am a blessed one but I am not the one and only.

We all are blessed in different ways. I have had my share of hurts, pains, heartbreaks, sufferings and I have even dodged death many times this close that few may not escape.

I chose to see the brighter side of life and you should do the same.

Just by telling you how blessed my birth chart doesn’t omit my tests and trials.

It’s just I have chosen to see the light.

My sincere note: Life is an ongoing journey and rather than focusing on your destination, focus on making your journey beautiful.

When you choose to accept good things, they shall come to you in abundance.

See you guys with another article.



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