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What My Vedic Astrology Chart Predicts about My Marriage

By Staff Writer

Fatima Imran

Our astrology birth chart reveals a lot about us and how our future is going to be.

In today’s article, I will discuss how to predict marriage and explain about my marriage from my birth chart.

If done right, marriage is indeed a beautiful bond.

People think about how their partner will look or how they will be as a person.

Let me tell you, matches are made in heaven!

Right when you were born, you had a little note with you that was code to everything in your life, your Vedic astrology birth chart.

Your birth chart doesn’t only tell about marriage compatibility but in-depth of everything about your partner.


Which House is used to calculate marriage in the Vedic astrology birth chart?

While talking about vedic astrology Houses, marriage is the 7th House from the ascendant. It is all about a partnership in all its forms.

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Before going through my chart, let me give you a few readings that you need to understand while reading a birth chart.

(Ladies say goodbye to your spying skills and welcome to the world of astrology that reveals more than WhatsApp chats).

For marriage, we see Venus – how it is positioned in a chart and the place where it is located along with the ruler of that place decides a lot about intimate partnerships.

If Venus is well situated and placed in a bicorporeal sign (Sagittarius, Gemini, or Pisces), it means the person will be involved in more than one sexual relationship.

When Venus is ill-placed in the House of a malefic lord, the person will be unlucky in marriages and relationships.

Venus in conjunction with Mercury, makes a native desired amongst his many partners. 

If Mars is in conjunction, the native may be gay and inclined to same-sex intimate relationships.

When a malefic is overcoming Venus, making its impact stronger over Venus, the native will lose the partner, or the partner will face accidents or injuries, etc.

If Venus is in Libra, its fallen sign, and Saturn is dominant over Venus, the native will remain unmarried. 

Also, if Venus and Saturn are in opposition, and Venus doesn’t make any aspect with Mars or Jupiter, the native will remain virgin or will be widowed.

Well-placed Venus brings luck to marriage and badly placed Venus brings both physical and emotional pain to a relationship.

He will be unsatisfied in intimate relationships.

So I guess, on your first date, instead of asking about their number, ask for their birth dates.

Here is our birth chart calculator to make sure you get accurate results

Well, I think we should stop here because there is a long list of what-ifs and we are here to discuss my marriage.

So coming to the point and on my birth chart.

Fatima Imran Chart

First, we will analyze my Venus and my 7th House.

My Venus is in its own House.

That’s a good thing.

The 10th House is a House of mothers and my mother played an important role in making my marriage happen.

Also, it’s not in a very strong aspect with Saturn.

My 7th House itself is ruled by Cancer whose ruler is the Moon.  Moon is already well placed in my chart as we have analyzed it in another article on how to read about siblings in Vedic astrology.

Moon tells a lot about your partner.  According to my chart, I will tell you three things. that are related to Moon.

First, Moon means your partner will be beautiful and will have wisdom. It shows your inner desires, dreams, and passions.

My husband is a bit mature as compared to me.  I am a little fun and sometimes the stupid one.

While he is quiet, understanding, and a mix of rational plus emotional.  Trust me being a wife, I sometimes envy this. I hope all the wives will understand.

Secondly, the Moon means short travels, and 3rd House is also related to short travels.  My husband’s home is a city apart from mine.

After marriage, I had to go and settle in another city and we still travel back and forth.

An ill-placed Moon gives you diseases of the brain, like palsy or strokes, etc. Saturn, which rules my ascendant trines my Moon.  My husband had a stroke three years back which he survived luckily.  This stroke thing can also be seen on his birth chart.
Also, Moon is sextile with my ascendant which brings a deep emotional connection of my partner with who I am as a person.

The ruler of the ascendant in trine with the ruler of the 7th House gives native marriage out of love. Saturn trine Moons. So yes, we had a love marriage.

Venus is in the 3rd House from 7th and associated with things of beauty like the expertise of hands or finesse of voice. 

My husband has a very good voice and in his childhood, he was well known for his singing skills. He won many competitions

Thankfully, Venus is not in any bicorporeal sign or I would have made his life living hell.


My Moon, Venus, and ruler of the ascendant, Saturn, are not placed in barren signs so we have children.

Also, Venus is the ruler of my fifth House too. Which means many children.

If you also want to see how to know the shape and outlook of the personality of your partner in general, see the ruling planet of 7th House and Moon.

In my case they both are Moon. Moon gives a fair complexion, and round face whereas Cancer gives dark brown eyes, and normal stature. Well, my husband has all.

Now from the above-mentioned readings, you can see my Venus is not in any aspect with Saturn or Sun.

Also, it is trine with Moon, the ruling planet of my 7th House. It doesn’t make any bad aspect with Mars too.
Also, no planet is in a place where it falls. Saturn and Mars are square to each other, meaning no favorable aspect.
If Moon is in good aspect with lord of 7th House, it means good marriage. Here my lord of 7th House is Moon itself and placed well. I count this as a blessing.
My Janam Kundli is favorable to my husband.

Our 21 gunas match. (You can also check your free Vedic astrology compatibility by clicking on this following link. Insert link here.)
Of course, every relationship has its ups and down but in the end, all that matters is what you make out of it.

I fully realize that not everyone is as happy in their partnership as they should be.

I don’t say, your partner is 100% what you perceive through your birth chart but it’s better to give it a go before any final commitment.

It’s for your peace. You all deserve the best.