Astrology is the study of the relationship between the movement of planets and our experience of life. 

It can help us to understand the purpose of our lives, the effect we have on others, and the effect they have on us.

Modern Unified Field Theory tells us that we and the planets are all part of one unified cosmos, which in its essential nature is pure consciousness.

Knowing a little about astrology can help to open our eyes to many things, the most important of which is who we really are, and what we are doing with our lives.

The most common readings found in magazines and online are so general that they are not of much use.

However, this page will provide for you a highly specific reading that is applicable to you and no one else.

It is based on the timeless knowledge of Vedic Astrology, which precisely calculates the positions of the planets at your birth, the effects they will have on your life, and when those effects will occur.

Inspiration for Today: Irony

A man marries a woman, hoping she won’t change, but she does. A woman marries a man, hoping he will change, but he doesn’t.