East vs West

The Differences Between Eastern (Vedic) Astrology and Western Astrology,

and Why Vedic Astrology is More Accurate

Vedic and Western astrology are quite different in some ways, although on the surface they may sound similar. Let’s take a look at some of the differences and why Vedic astrology is often said to be more accurate.

Western and Vedic Charts

One of the most obvious differences is the Western and Vedic charts. A Western chart is round in shape and a Vedic chart is square. A Vedic chart may also have the planets in different signs than a Western sign. An example of this might be if you have your Sun in the sign of Taurus in Western astrology, but in the Vedic system it may be in another sign altogether like Aries. As a result, if you read a Western and a Vedic chart for the same person, they would reflect different signs and astrological houses. The reason for this is that Vedic astrology uses a different system to calculate a horoscope.

Predicting character and events

Western astrology looks closely at the psychology and nature of a person but it is not as accurate for predicting what will happen in the future. Vedic astrology on the other hand also focuses on the nature and character of an individual but it is more concerned with predicting when events and cycles will occur in our lives. It also focuses on our karmic tendencies and when these are going to happen in the life of a person. Major life events or eras in our lives are calculated in Vedic astrology using planetary cycles known as ‘dashas’. Western astrology however does not calculate life events in this way.

Astronomical Differences

Vedic astrology uses a system called Sidereal astrology and Western astrology uses Tropical astrology. Sidereal astrology uses a zodiac system which is linked to 27 constellations which are fixed stars in the sky. An example of this is Aries which is linked to the first constellation in the sky called Aswini. In Tropical astrology, the first sign of the zodiac, Aries, is calculated on the spot where the Sun passes the equator. In this way Vedic astrology is often said to be ‘fixed’ and Western astrology is ‘moving’ as the signs are affected by the precessions of the equinoxes and move by a few degrees every year.

Why is Vedic astrology more accurate?

Vedic astrology is often said to be more accurate than Western astrology when it comes to predicting the future. It is not uncommon for Western astrologers to also have an interest in Vedic astrology. The main reason that Vedic astrology is said to be more accurate is because of the ‘dashas’ mentioned above. Another reason is that Vedic astrology is very precise. The planets and houses have specific meanings and because it is ‘fixed’ there is less margin for error in an interpretation. Vedic astrology uses logical predictions made according to the nature of the planets and houses and how much impact they will have on certain periods in our lives. This is why it can pinpoint certain life events in the future more accurately than Western astrology.