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Reading Rahu and Ketu in my Vedic Horoscope Chart

By Staff Writer

Fatima Imran

Lovelies, I am back again!

Today I will talk about Rahu and Ketu in my chart.

These are commonly known as dragon nodes. In Vedic astrology, there is a religious story associated with it.

That is how one of the gods cut down a giant snake (dragon) and left its head and tail at different parts of the sky.

We know that Rahu and Ketu are not treated as planets because they are not but affect the natives’ life with their energies.

Here we must keep in mind that Rahu or Ketu are not positive or negative energies in their literal meaning. However, they increase or decrease the affairs of the zodiac in which they lie.

Let’s see my chart first:

Fatima Imran Chart

In my chart, we can see Rahu and Moon and are in the same sign in the 3rd house, which is Pisces.

How we will interpret it?

Now the Moon and other planets will keep moving but Rahu and Ketu are there for all eternity.

Whenever a planet will come near Rahu, its affairs will increase. The planet will become more active and effective.

At the time of my birth, Moon was crossing the North node. So in general, all the affairs associated with Moon and my 3rdhouse will be more active throughout my life. Also as Moon is in its own house, this is good for me.

Moon is associated here with my romantic relationships, my short travels, and my marriage. So overall these factors in my life will stay highlighted.

The same goes for Ketu. My 9th house affair will be slower than expected. It doesn’t mean that my 9th house affairs are going to be negative only. This means the events happening there will take more than the expected time. Also, they will not be highlighted throughout my life.

In general, Rahu is a more worldly thing. So all the worldly things attached to the 3rd house are explained. Keep in mind that Rahu and Ketu are just influential energies. My 3rd house was already favorable for me. And Rahu accelerated the events in a way that they were not in my control.

Also, Ketu is about the inner and deep side. Ketu here makes me deviant and dark in many ways (as labeled by traditional customs). Since 9th house is about writing which is my career also so I will focus on that.

Now Rahu in 3rd gives native fortunate and short term journeys. The person will benefit from the intent of the journey he has taken. This also makes native religious and pious means he will always be religious by heart. Rahu at 3rd place also makes one’s siblings fortunate.

Here Rahu also makes my friendships long-lasting and accelerates matters related to my primary learning.

Whereas Ketu at 9th house makes journeys across the sea dangerous or unfortunate. Also, it shows ill affairs in religion or a religionless person. You might wonder how can I be religious and non-religious at the same time.

We may interpret this as I will follow a religion but may grow false beliefs that oppose the religion in some way. This is quite possible. Maybe what I believe is different from what others believe. Deep in our hearts, we all have our notion of God and nature in which we truly believe in.

Ketu in the 9th house gives natives bad dreams that are usually meaningless and false. Yeah! I suffer bad dreams more often and thank God, they are not “prophecies”. Phew!!

Also, Rahu denotes your worldly life and Ketu, the spiritual or psychological side. How Rahu is accelerating my third house affairs is more evident by what I am going to tell you now.

I shifted my house for my primary education and did quite a short term travels towards northern regions. Also, I was intelligent and a position holder in my school.

3rd house is already the Joy of Moon. Pisces is a dual sign that fits accordingly. 3rd house is also about publicity. I got the third position in my primary board examinations. This got me printed in a national newspaper.

Meanwhile, I won a show on local tv and was well received by relatives and neighbors. Of course, everyone loves an intelligent child.

About siblings, shown through the 3rd house of natives’ birth chart, I have already mentioned details in my article on how to read about siblings in Vedic astrology. I should not repeat them here.

When I reached 10th grade, I got the first position in writing, evident by 9th house. That’s how when someone transits through different phases of life, the planets and the related house come into action. I adopted writing back later in life. Ketu made things slower for me.

They say there is a time for everything and yes there is!. I may think that I have delayed and things were not favorable in the early stages. That was never in my control.

I could have gone with my writing passion while choosing to pursue a degree. Maybe I could have achieved a degree in the literature that would have aided me in writing but my higher education degree is a master’s in business administration.

After which I chose a completely different path for my career, that is writing. Also, because Virgo is a barren sign and accompanied by Ketu, my degree didn’t give me that it should (a business-related job).

9th house also tells about career breaks and publishing. Here my 9th house affairs are also linked with my 11th house affairs because the ruler of the 9th house is in the 11th house. You may also read another article about what are secrets revealed by my 11th house.

Ketu in the 9th house is more about spirituality. The native is usually atheist or extremist. I must admit that I am not a very practicing religious person but in my views, I am firm. I think no logic whatsoever can move me from my religious point of view. Maybe that makes me extremist too.

Also, the 9th house shows your matrimonial siblings. Ketu here describes that I have no active or bonding relationship with my husband’s siblings. My affairs with them are slower. Yes, we share a formal relationship of respect but not very friendly or warming relationships like friends or acquaintances.

I hope you got my point of Rahu and Ketu and how they affect Vedic astrology birth charts.


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