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What Your Vedic Astrology Birth Chart Reveals about Your Parents

By Staff Writer

Fatima Imran

Hi people!

Today we will talk about one’s parents and I will explain it through my Vedic astrology birth chart.

Parents play an important role and they have a strong impact on a native’s life.

How is his childhood gonna be?. What will be his education?

Whom he will marry or what career choices he will make, depends largely on how is his relationship with his parents.

We will discuss parents in general and then mother and father separately to make sure that you understand well.

Here is my chart for a better understanding:


Fatima Imran Chart

How to know about one’s parents in general through a birth chart?

To guess about one parent, first, we see general things like if the parents are alive or if native lives with them.

Also if he is an orphan or his father died before his birth.

For example, If Mars is in conjunction with a Sun and not in a good aspect with Saturn, it causes loss of parents.

For orphans, we see if Saturn and Mars are configured with Mercury and Jupiter is not in good aspect.

(For a better understanding of aspects read another article about the aspects and position of planets in my chart.)

Now you see at my chart.

What do we see? Jupiter is square with Saturn and Saturn and Mercury are together.

So this makes me an orphan. Yes, my father is not alive now.

If someone would have seen this chart in my early years, he would have known that at some point in my life I will lose my father. When Saturn is separating from the angle and approaching Mars, and any of them is in Aspect with Jupiter or Sun, the father will die abroad.

Now you can see that in my chart, Saturn is separating from Mercury but not approaching Mars. So my father lived abroad for most of his life but didn’t die there.

There are other things to know if mother or father are married twice but since they are of no use to my chart we are not going in that direction.

Can one see the character of his parents through a nativity chart?

Oh yes!. I have told you many times that a birth chart is a box full of treasures.

You just have to know which jewel to pick.

One can surely know about the character of his/her parents through his chart.

How? Let me tell you!

First, you see the planets which are associated with father or mother.

They are Sun and Moon.

If Venus aspects with them, this means parents are cheerful, musical, fond of good cheer, affectionate, and religious.

Mars means they are hot, bold, etc.

When Mercury is in aspect, it shows parents are sociable and thrifty, sharers in some account or skill, and wronging their inferiors.

In my case, Mercury is in conjunction with Sun and trining Moon. Venus is in no aspect.

Oh yes, my parents were everything said above. After all, they were human beings like all of us.

If Sun is in feminine sign and Saturn or Venus are in aspect, it makes the father of a native get harmed. In my case, Sun is in Scorpio and Conjunction with Saturn.

This happened with my father as my father suffered accidents and had diseases like blood pressure and diabetes.

When Moon is in feminine sign and has feminine stars in aspect, the mother is dictatorial. In my case, Moon is in a feminine sign but makes a trine aspect with masculine planets in the feminine sign.

So she is somewhat controlling like all mothers(a little bit more) but not very overcoming. Also, she is comparatively hot-tempered.

If Sun is in feminine sign and makes an aspect with Moon, it means the mother is more dominating over the father. In my case, this is happening in my birth chart. So I will say my mother was dominating in a way that she had to handle things in absence of my father.

Parents of natives will be in peace and harmony and will live happily if Sun and Moon and their House rulers are in good aspect. You can see in my Vedic astrology birth chart that Moon and Sun are trine(an aspect of strong love) and the Houses they are placed in are also trine to each other.

Also Mars trine Venus (ruler of the House of father and mother).  So their relationship was good and they lived together till the death of my father did them part.

There are also ways to tell if parents will get divorced or separated but as I can’t explain that from my chart, I should not go there.

However, there is a fact that if Saturn is in conjunction with the Sun, with the Moon in aspect separates parents. In my case, it’s evident from my chart that death separated them.

If Saturn, is in conjunction with the Sun and bad aspect with Jupiter, the father of native will die from suffocation, poisoning, flux, chills, shipwrecks, etc. That is exactly how my father died. He was diabetic and weak. In winters, he got chills and at the last moments, his lungs stopped working.

There are other ways to explain the types of deaths a natives’ parents can face like accidental or violent and how?. Apart from being not relevant to my chart, this is a sensitive topic. We should not discuss that.

Folks, that was general predictions about parents. Now we will talk in-depth about father and mother concerning their Houses.

How to know about father in Vedic astrology birth chart?


With many other things, the 4th House is a House of fathers also. (You may read Vedic astrology Houses). When Moon is trine with Sun or Saturn, the native will go along well with his father. There will be peace amongst them.

As you can see in my chart both Sun and Saturn are trine to Moon. My relationship with my father was very good. Although we didn’t have a very close friendship but he stood beside me whatever the circumstances were. Also, he was always there for me in every matter.

Also, in my Chart, you can see the lord of 4th is in 2nd House, with a conjunction of 2nd House ruler. This is fortunate for me in terms of the financial benefits gained from my father.

My lot of fortune is also in the 4th House. This makes me inherit assets from my father. Also, lord of 4th in 2nd House makes parents rich and favorable for native.

There is another thing to observe in my chart. Amongst the ruler of Houses of parents and planets that signifies them, whoever is at the best place that parent will live longer than another one.

In my chart, Moon and Venus are in a better place than Sun or Mars. So my mother shall live more than my father. This has happened because my father died a year ago.

My father influenced me in my later years of life. He played the role of supporter and advisor. I cherish the moments spent with him.

It makes me wonder how he was intelligent and knew things that were yet to come. He guided me well in financial matters too and told me the value of money earned from hard work. I am a bit careless person though.

Sun and ruler of Ascendant are in conjunction. I am like my father in many ways. Deep down, I know I am like him. He was cheerful, intelligent, and social. Jupiter in conjunction with the ruler of the 4th House also tells the same tale.

How to know about mother in Vedic astrology birth chart?


10th House is a House of mother.

In my chart, the 10th House ruler is in its own House.

Also, this ruler is Venus.

This means my mother is beautiful. Yes, she is!

She is tall, has luscious black hair, and a beautiful stature like a beautiful woman should be.

I have never seen a woman this calm, composed, and strong.

Everything I achieved through the 10th House is due to the role of my mother in my life.

Now my lord of 10th House is in 10th House and also related to everything beautiful and aesthetics.

Venus is also about love for children.

My mother was hardworking in the sense that she would do anything for her children no matter how much energy, money, or time it takes.

I adopted this thing from her.  Also, I have a physique and body that have a strong resemblance to her.

Venus trines Mars and Jupiter. Sun trines Moon.

This makes me gain many benefits from my mother in financial matters. I have previously mentioned that this setting also means that both my parents were in a good relationship with each other.

Moon in my 3rd House tells that my mother had much influence on me in my early life. Yes, it was like this because our father was abroad and she had to look after us in every sense. I did many small journeys with her. She had an important role in my primary education too.

I hope, I have been able to tell you things about my parents. My focus was on the things that my chart explains. There is a lot more to tell which is written in books and is gained through knowledge.

Before reading about parents, one must keep in mind that we all are sensitive towards our parents. We shall understand that they are more than just our parents. They are people who have emotions, opinions, and traits that we may not approve of but are ok for them.

Be kind, positive, and accepting before knowing about someone else’s life even if they are your parents.

You can also check your chart by clicking on the following link.


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