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The Aspects and Position of Planets in my Birth Chart

By Staff Writer

Fatima Imran

Hello loves!

This time I will talk to you about different aspects of planets in my Vedic astrology birth chart.

Before proceeding, I recommend you must also read our articles Vedic astrology Houses and planets so that you can know what we are talking about.

Well, coming to the point, I will explain and relate things to my Vedic astrology birth chart.

Let’s see my birth chart:

Fatima Imran Chart


Not digging deep for your ease, we will discuss general aspects like sextile, square, trine, and opposition.

A conjunction is also sometimes treated as an aspect but not a strong one.

The sextile aspect is when two planets are at 60° to each other.

In a birth chart, we take the whole zodiac instead of precise degrees. This means planets that are two signs away are at sextile aspect.

In my birth chart, no planets are at sextile aspect. We don’t take nodes (Rahu and Ketu) while taking a reading of aspects because they don’t make aspects with any planet.

After sextile, there is a square aspect.

The square aspect is a planet that is three signs (90°) away.

In my birth chart, the planets in the 11th House are square to planets in the 2nd House.

This means these planets don’t work in harmony together.

I have mentioned in my article what are the secrets revealed by my 11th House that Sun squaring Mars, brings illness to native’s father.

Planets in quartile or square aspects caste bad effects to natives.

Mars and Jupiter both are in the same House here.  So this creates a balance, that is sometimes my life will be very good finance-wise and sometimes I will lose money.

Now, these two planets are in square aspect to the 11th House, a sign of career.

So this shows my career will face ups and downs.

Saturn is in the House of Mars and Mars is in the House of Saturn. 

This makes natives careless, cruel, and furious.

Also, this gives native worldwide fame.  Sun in the House of Mars brings bad fortune for native and evil death for his father (My father died of diabetes).

Now you can see how things are spiraled with each other.

Mercury in a House of Mars makes natives wicked and natives will suffer from it.  Now all these planets are square to each other will bring out ill aspects.

After the quartile comes to the trine aspect.  Planets trine to each other brings joy and peace for the native.

If malefics are in trinity, the bad effect will be much greater.

Here you need to keep in mind that amongst zodiac signs, starting from Capricorn, all fiery signs are in trine aspect to each other and airy signs are in their sextile aspect. 

Which means fire and air are favorable to each other. This is how it works!

In my birth chart, Sun, Mercury, and Saturn are trine to Moon.

Moon is in its own House which is fortunate for natives. 

Saturn trine with the moon brings good and fruitful journeys to natives.

Also Mercury trine with Moon gives high education and wisdom to natives.  This is a very favorable allocation for romantic relationships.

Moon also rules my 7th House, so this signifies marriage out of love.  Once again we are diving deep into this web making connections of how things work.

Sun trine with Moon makes native lucky.  Both the parents will play an important role in natives’ success.

The same happened to me.  My mother and father have a diverse yet important role in my life.

Sun and Saturn are in conjunction. This makes natives work under a boss.

Also in Vedic Astrology Sun and Saturn are known as “enemies”. 

It gives native wisdom beyond age, meaning the person will be very mature.

Sun and Saturn conjunction means the father lives far away from the native for income. 

Oh yes! My father spent much time living abroad.

He worked there and visited us yearly.

And there is another thing that is shocking yet revealing – Sun and Saturn duo comes into action when native reaches the age of 33.

(11th House also predicts the death of father). How that worked for me. It brought health problems to my father, and my father died after I passed 33 years of my age.

Why do I consider myself lucky?

Dismissing all the negativity, let me tell you why I consider myself lucky.

I have two planets in their own Houses. That is Venus in Libra  and Moon in Pisces.

When a planet is in its own House, it brings fortune to natives.  Here Venus brings fame and beauty and Moon brings the love of people.

Also, Moon makes me religious by heart.

Most people have at least one planet in its own House. Two is a blessing, three planets in their own House make natives fortunate in unimaginable ways.

(When a native has no planet in its own House he shall die unknown and poor).

In my birth chart, Saturn and Mars are in mutual reception.  This means we will read the effects of Saturn in Aquarius and Mars in Scorpio too.  I look at it positively.

Why should I think Mars’s effect in Scorpio makes me wicked?

I take it as “That is why I am sarcastic”.

Also, Saturn’s effect on its own House gives me a healthy body, after all amongst the possessions, health tops everything.

(That doesn’t mean I don’t fall ill or suffer sickness).

I see travels because of my career. Life is yet to come so let’s see how and where I will travel.

I must admit that no planet is at its place of joy, in exaltation, but also no planet is at its place of fall, in debilitation.

This was all about reading a birth chart based on the position of planets and what aspects they are making to each other.

As I have mentioned earlier that reading a birth chart can be more complicated than it seems.  Sometimes we need to see a whole different perspective.

For your understanding, I don’t want to make a mess here.   Planets are influenced by many things.

Their position in a House (number wise), sinister and dexter aspects, their essential dignities and mutual receptions, direct allocations, significations and rulerships, diurnal or nocturnal charts, and much more.

I have tried to keep it easy and understanding for you.

Also, millions of possibilities are hidden in a single birth chart.  I have tried to connect my birth chart with events happening in my life.

Calculate your birth chart by clicking on the following link and always stay positive guys!

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