Planets in the 12th House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 12th House

The Sun or Moon in the 12th House

The 12th is an unlucky House.

Any planets situated here, and the Houses they rule, are greatly afflicted.

The implications seen from this House are expenses, sexual pleasures and the state after passing.

Essentially, benefic planets enhance these significations, whereas malefic ones cause the opposite.

When the 12th House is afflicted, the individual will, no matter how much money they gain, continuously be compelled to spend.

There will be steady unforeseen expenses, even though these are regularly caused by people’s desires.

The specific planet within the House will give a clue as to what the person spends their wealth on.

The 12th specifically rules self-realization, and thus shows the tendency to take after the spiritual way.

It moreover reveals the probability of success in this critical evolutionary process.

Regarding the state after passing, there are numerous diverse planes or levels of existence, called “lokas” meaning “world” which has almost three further divisions, where the soul may reside during its period of rest between incarnations.

The significator of the 12th House is Saturn. For important judgment concerning the 12th House matters, decisions should not be made without consideration of Saturn and the lord of the House.

The Sun in the 12th House



The significations of the Sun are very much harmed when it is placed within the 12th House.

These natives may have an aggravated relationship with their fathers, or the father leads a troublesome life and has health difficulties.

As the luminaries rule visual perception, there may be poor vision, particularly in the left eye.

The person will lack confidence and willpower.

It is additionally considered unfortunate by ancient texts because the individual is likely to meander off to remote foreign nations, where they may even decide to reside.

The native may be greatly spiritual and intent on realizing edification or final liberation.

They will be contemplative by nature and enjoy periods of solitude or meditation.

While ancient scriptures pronounce the individual to be sinful and corrupt, they do not depict in which ways they are.

Many people with this placement are excessively indulgent in escapist pleasures such as drugs and alcohol.

The individual may be rather confined from society and its ethics, rules and regulations.

There is also the possibility of imprisonment or confinement in a monastery for spiritual purposes, but these are rare occurrences and happen only if the entire horoscope is either extremely spiritual or afflicted.

In any case, the Sun in the 12th House is poorly placed which makes it bad for wealth and fame.

Exalted or Own House

If the Sun is in Aries or Leo in the 12th House, the person will be highly spiritual and maybe intent on realizing enlightenment. 

There is a strong likelihood that the native will visit remote foreign lands where they will be successful.

The person will be thrifty and spend money wisely.  The person is not burdened with large expenses and debts.

There will be a good deal of sexual pleasure, and the person will enjoy fine bedroom luxuries.

These people may reside in a heavenly state after death. 

Although the life of the father is enhanced by the Sun’s placement in an auspicious sign, there are also difficulties due to the 12th House’s destructiveness.  Therefore, the effects are rather mixed and there is a possibility that the father is strong or powerful but somewhat withdrawn from worldly life.  The person may also be spiritual. 

Debilitated, or Fallen

If the Sun is in Libra within the 12th House, the individual will endure hardship on account of the father, who will lead a troublesome life.  The relationship with the father may moreover be awfully disturbed.

The individual will lack confidence, control and authority. 

There may be challenges getting a charge out of sexual pleasure.

The individual spends more than they can manage and always faces debts and tremendous expenses.

These individuals will be highly vulnerable to hoodlums and thieves.

There will be difficulties in foreign countries if the individual visits.

The Moon in the 12th House



Waxing Moon

The significance of the Moon is ruined in the 12th House.

The general well-being of the individual is hurt, there will be health issues, particularly during childhood.

Vedic texts state that the individual has some physical deformation.

The person will have challenges with the mother, or she may lead a difficult life with health challenges.

The individual may lack mental stability.

The person may have poor memory and issues with their eyesight.

As the Moon rules grains, the Jyotish has pronounced that the person will either eat exceptionally little, terrible nourishments, or not have sufficient to eat.

Due to the reality that the Moon is the most crucial influence in Vedic astrology, this placement can demonstrate tremendous hardship within the person’s life.

The difficulties will particularly affect the emotions and may be caused by females, the spouse, or the mother.

Wealth and popularity are not at all favored, and the person is likely to be unloved, often insulted and humiliated.

Joy is certainly harmed.

The person may have the tendencies of a loner and live an obscure life of solitude.

They will also travel to remote, far-off lands, where they may choose to reside.

The positive side of the placement is that 12th House matters flourish by the presence of the benefic bright Moon.  Therefore, the person will be highly spiritual and interested in meditation and enlightenment.

They will be thrifty and able to spend their wealth wisely and for good purposes.

The person will enjoy great sexual pleasure throughout life and sleep on fine beddings.

They will attain a peaceful heavenly state after death.

The person may be highly gifted in occult subjects.

When the Moon is well placed, the person is enormously spiritual.

Waning Moon

The waning Moon is even less fortunate than that of the waxing Moon.

The positive effects mentioned in the waxing Moon are weakened or canceled and the person may be lazy, lethargic and very unhappy.

These people may be mean or cruel-hearted due to their miseries.

The eyesight is more delicate, and the health and bodily organs are more likely to be harmed.

There will be emotional suffering and problems with females which are intensified.

The state after death is not as favorable.

Exalted or Own House

If the Moon is in Taurus or Cancer within the 12th House, the individual will be extremely spiritual.

They will attain heaven after passing.

These individuals will visit remote, far-off countries.

In life, they will appreciate an incredible deal of sexual pleasure and will rest on very fine beddings.

The person’s mother may be exceedingly spiritual or may be pulled away from worldly activities.  There may be troubles within the mother’s life or in the relationship with her due to the harm caused by the damaging 12th House energy.  Despite this, she will be strong.

The person will be great at preserving their wealth and will not meet with unexpected expenses and debts.

In case the Moon is waning in this House, the benefits are proportionately reduced but still for the most part positive.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If the Moon is in Scorpio in the 12th House, the person’s mother leads a difficult life, and the relationship with her is damaged.

The individual is attacked with expenses and obligations, and cannot hold on to their wealth.

There may be challenges in getting sexual pleasure, or the individual may be excessively indulgent in such activities.

The person may endure problems within the left ear, left eye, or in the feet.

There may be disturbances in foreign nations if they visit.

The individual may be troubled by hoodlums and thieves and may have secret enemies.

These people will endure significantly from females, and their emotional life may be afflicted.


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