11th House

The 12 Houses of Astrology

The 11th House

House of Gains and Profits

The 11th house corresponds with an air sign and indicates dreamlike desires, wishes, and ambitions and areas in life where the native will experience gains and whether or not they will be fulfilled.


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Differing from financial gains experienced in 2nd house placement which indicates the means in which money may be earned, the 11th house will indicate whether it will occur easily, naturally, with pleasure or with hardship. It is considered gains by any means whereas the 2nd house indicates gains that are earned or inherited. Writing and speaking are more likely to bring income.

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Depending on the placement, the ruler of the 11th house can result in the person becoming successful in anything they pursue. If its placement is in detriment, it can lead to insatiable desires.

The eldest sibling, paternal uncle, and condition of the legs and ankles can be seen in this house.

Indicators of the 11th house:

  • Desires and ambitions
  • Will dreams be fulfilled or not
  • Unexpected profits
  • Eldest sibling
  • Paternal uncle
  • Legs and ankles
  • Jupiter
  • Corresponds to air sign


Location of the 11th House Ruler

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 1st House

Most desires and ambitions will be achieved. The native is supported by wealth, stable income, and comes from a wealthy family. Friends and eldest siblings bring happiness to the person who will live a healthy and prosperous life. This person easily makes connections with others and it often works in their favor.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 2nd House

Wealth will be obtained through multiple streams. The person has entrepreneurial tendencies. Older siblings will help with financial gains. Money will be earned through banking and successful businesses or investments with a close network.  

The native will be happy, speak well, and generally well off.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 3rd House

The lord of the 11th house in this placements is beneficial and results in the fulfillment of dreams and desires. This is a placement of positive luck and optimism. Money may come from investing in the performing arts including theater, music, and dance.

Gains are expected from writing, siblings, adventures, risks, and happy friendships.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 4th House

Income will be generated through properties, land, real estate, or farming. Wealth may be generated from Mother or mother figure, land, home, and spiritual traditions may also be passed down from her. 

The native may have a comfortable lifestyle, steady streams of income, many comforts and privileges as well as positive friendships.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 5th House

As another prosperous placement, lord of the 11th house in the 5th house will bring about financial gains and happiness, and goals will be achieved through children. Children of the native will be well-educated and their endeavors will be fruitful.

Many opportunities to achieve goals and fulfill dreams will be presented to this person, especially through arts or sports. Money may be received through good luck in betting, gambling, or unexpected means.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 6th House

Financial gains aren’t expected through luck. Not many opportunities are provided to achieve desires or goals. The eldest sibling will not provide joy or beneficial opportunities to the native but the uncle may offer chances to gain.

Friends may not be reliable and there will be strife with enemies. Healthcare-related endeavors may lead to income.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 7th House

This placement leads to a particularly positive outcome as desires, wishes, and dreams are easily and naturally fulfilled. The spouse brings happiness, fulfillment, and financial gain to this person. Wealth will be sustained and the marriage will be fruitful.

This house highlights the benefits of connections including personal, emotional, and business partnerships. The native can make a friend out of anyone.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 8th House

This person will have unstable finances with little opportunities to fulfill desires. Elder siblings will not benefit the native, and the oldest sibling may have health issues or lead a life full of hardship. But the native will gain some from their partner’s riches.

The likelihood of having friends is reduced and the ones had do not have this person’s best intentions in mind. Inheritance from a will or insurance claim is likely.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 9th House

This aspect influences how this person is influenced by the father’s wealth and brings them good luck. In this case, health, wealth, and prosperity are inherited. The father of the native lives a stable and long life. Dreams and ambitions are fulfilled. Happiness and connection occur in a spiritual or religious group of friends with similar beliefs. 

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 10th House

This placement indicates a prosperous career with many opportunities to create multiple streams of income. This person has a natural tendency to do good and gain luck from it and will enjoy many comforts. The eldest brother may be involved in the native’s career.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 11th House

Gains wealth with very little difficulty. Financial opportunities, abundance, happiness, and goals are fulfilled. Positivity and social gains may come from the eldest sibling. Prosperity, power, and comfort are passed down to the native. They are surrounded by like-minded friends.

Collaboration with friends can lead to major changes in the environment around the native.

Ruler of the 11th House Located in the 12th House

Financial instability is likely with few opportunities being offered to the individual. The native may suffer loss, debt, and be burdened with expenses. Desires and wishes go unfulfilled and the eldest brother makes no contribution to the life of this person. 

The eldest brother may suffer from illness or physical health concerns. The native will have few friends and they may not have the best intention for this person. But this person will enjoy a fulfilling sex life and have a bedroom adorn with decor.

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