Planets in the 2nd House

Mars or Jupiter in the 2nd House

Mars in the 2nd House



Mars in the 2nd House gives the person a high probability of amassing a large amount of wealth.  However, this aggregation results only from the person’s hard work, especially in fields that require considerable concentration, planning, discipline, and energy.  If Mars is unfavorably placed, or aspected, the work performed is likely to be harsh, cruel or deceitful.

The person’s educational interests, if any, will probably be in the field of athletics or martial arts.  However, it is unlikely that they will be very knowledgeable.  

They will tend to be argumentative, speak harshly and use coarse language.

The family life is strained.

A defect in the right eye is possible, and the face of the person may be unattractive or scarred.

The person is not inclined to be either charitable or virtuous.

They may be short tempered, irritable, attracted to junk food, and associate with criminals.  Welcome to Mars in the 2nd House.

Exalted or Own House

If Mars is in Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio in the 2nd House, the effects are very beneficial. 

The person will be very good looking and quite wealthy.

They will be well educated, learned and knowledgeable.

They will be an excellent speaker, full of courage and very imaginative.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mars is in Cancer in the 2nd House, the negative effects described previously are worsened.

The person will struggle financially, earn money through unpleasant jobs, most likely by dishonest and cruel means.

They may suffer depression due to an unhappy family life or divorce.

There is likely to be a speech defect.  Mars in the 2nd House affects the speech significantly.

There could be diseases of the gums, mouth, teeth, and face.

The person will lack imagination and show little interest in, or will not have much opportunity for education.  Their speech will be quite harsh and contain much coarse language. 

The diet will be poor, with a tendency to overindulge in alcohol and other drugs.

The full effects of Mars are felt in the 28th year.  Unless Mars is well aspected or in a favorable sign, there will be difficulties in the affairs of the 2nd House. 

Jupiter in the 2nd House


Jupiter in the 2nd House enables a person to become rich easily.

They will have an excellent education, be knowledgeable and wise. 

They will speak eloquently and people will enjoy listening.

They will choose a fine and exotic diet.

The person will donate to charities, be virtuous and truthful.

Family life will be a source of happiness for that person.

The person will have a vivid imagination and will probably enjoy poetry and fine literature.

They will be intensely interested in education, particularly higher education, and may choose a career in academia.  They may become renowned in the fields of science, mathematics, or writing for astrology. 

Exalted or Own House

The benefits mentioned above will be heightened if Jupiter is situated in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces in the 2nd House.

Great wealth is almost certain.

That person will be very wise and learned.  Their knowledge will seem unfathomable.

They will speak softly and sweetly.

The person will never dabble with gossip and will speak only the truth. 

All matters related to the 2nd House will flourish.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 2nd House, there could be financial problems or even poverty.

Family life will suffer.

There will be interruptions to the person’s education.

The person will lack knowledge and imagination.

They will choose junk food and possibly indulge in too much alcohol and illicit drugs. 

There could be diseases of the gums, teeth, mouth and face.

The person’s morality will be lacking and they will be prone to telling lies.

The full effects of Jupiter are felt in the 16th year.  At that time, unless there are afflictions to Jupiter, there will be good effects concerning 2nd House matters.


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