Planets in the 2nd House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 2nd House

The Sun or Moon in the 2nd House

Sun in the 2nd House


The Sun in the 2nd House is not the best position for 2nd House affairs, unless it is well aspected or in a favorable sign.  The Sun likes to shine and be noticed.  He or she is primarily concerned with the self, and finds 2nd House matters tedious, unless receiving support and encouragement from other planets.

Alone in the 2nd House, the Sun will not have enough strength or interest to give the native financial ease and it may be difficult to gain wealth.

The person may also have a troubled education.

They might speak carelessly or use coarse language.

Exalted or Own House

If the Sun is in Aries or Leo in the 2nd House, the person will be knowledgeable, well-spoken and affluent. 

They will be articulate.

They will gain wealth from government or famous people. 

The person will have good eyesight and a vivid imagination.

They will eat a good diet. 

They will have a solid education and may pursue a career in higher learning.

The person’s father is influential and will live to a ripe old-age.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If the Sun is in Libra in the 2nd House, the person will struggle financially, find school difficult, and lack imagination.  There may be an issue with the right eye.  There could be diseases in the head area.  The person might have an unattractive face.

They might choose to earn money through shady or illegal methods.  They will struggle to express their ideas, possibly on account of a speech defect, or just plain shyness. 

An unhappy family life is forecast.  They will eat too much junk food, enjoy using coarse language and may bend the truth.

The Sun gives its full effects in the 22nd year.  At that time matters related to the 2nd House will be most obvious.

Moon in the 2nd House



The 2nd House is a lovely place for the Moon, because it creates a person who is softly spoken and wealthy.  The Sun in the 2nd House is equally significant.

The person will be very interested in financial matters, family life and education.  They may choose a career that involves public speaking or education.

They will display a great amount of knowledge and respond very well to higher education.

The person will be happy, a source of joy, and they will also derive joy from their family.

However if the Moon is waning or afflicted, the person’s wealth may fluctuate a great deal.

If the Moon is waxing the person will probably have a beautiful face, but less so if the Moon is waning.  Overall, if the Moon is waning, the effects are not so beneficial, unless she is aspected by a favorable planet or in a comfortable sign.

Exalted or Own House

If the Moon is in Taurus or Cancer in the 2nd House, the effect mentioned above is enhanced – the person will be wealthy and good-looking.

They will excel at speaking publicly, especially in lecturing. 

The Moon in the 2nd House doesn’t cease to elevate.  They may be famous for their profound knowledge. This placement is particularly auspicious for attaining excellence, including honors and distinctions in the field of education. 

They will be virtuous, truthful and donate generously to charities.

These effects will still be readily noticeable if the Moon is waning in Taurus, but less so.

Debilitated, or Fallen

The Moon is fallen in Scorpio.  If this placement occurs in the 2nd House the person will struggle financially.

They will be unhappy, depressed or miserable due to an unsatisfactory family life. 

It is likely that their mind will be dull and lacking in imagination.

Their education will be limited and they will not be confident or articulate in speaking publicly. 

There could be diseases of the face, teeth, mouth or gums. 

The face will not be highly attractive, the diet will be based around junk food, and they will be prone to use a lot of coarse language.

The full effects of the Moon are felt in the 24th year.  Around that time, natives with this placement will experience highlighted effects in regard to 2nd House matters such as education, finances, and family life.

If the Moon is afflicted, due to being located in an unfavorable sign, then those effects will be less comfortable than one would hope.

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