Planets in the 7th House – Mars or Jupiter

Planets in the 7th House

Mars or Jupiter in the 7th House

Mars in the 7th House



If Mars is in the 7th House, the marriage life of the native is likely to get spoiled with little peace or harmony. 

There will be constant arguments, conflicts and lots of ego clashes.  

As the understanding with the partner will be low, there is a strong possibility of separation in the horoscope.  

The person will be sexually active and will not be satisfied easily.  If there is affliction on Mars of malefic planets, then the person will be a pervert and can have lots of extramarital affairs. 

These people have a very strong sexual urge and are good bed partners. 

Many times they marry early, as they have strong physical needs.  However, the marriage can end in a divorce, once the attraction with the partner is fulfilled.  

If Mars is conjoined with malefic planets then the native may be very aggressive by nature.  There may be regular arguments and even physical altercation at times. 

As Mars in 7th House, aspects the 1st House, the person will be very dominating and authoritative and always wants to take a leading role in the relationship. 

As Mars aspects the 1st House, these people want to live a carefree life.  They dislike being told about anything.  They enjoy complete independence and hate restrictions of all kinds. 

As Mars is in the 7th House, these people should avoid entering business partnerships.

Exalted or Own House

If Mars is in Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio in the 7th House, they will still be facing marriage troubles, unless there is an aspect of a benefic planet. 

The spouse of such a native will be from a wealthy family and will have a pleasing personality. 

The spouse of these folks will be holding special qualities.

If there is affliction even if Mars is exalted or in its own houses, more than one marriage seems to be a possible event in their life.

Such natives do extremely well and achieve success in foreign countries.

As Mars aspects the 1st House, these people have lots of enthusiasm and are very passionate of what they want to do in life. 

As Mars aspects the 2nd house, they want to earn lots of money at a very early age.  They are highly ambitious and have a strong determination.   

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mars is in Cancer in the 7th House, the married life of these natives would have to undergo lots of difficulties.

Their spouse may be aggressive, rude and violent at times. 

If there is affliction on Mars in the 7th House of malefic planets, then the person will be sexually perverted and even can be homosexual. 

There is a strong possibility of divorce in such horoscopes.  

If there is affliction on Mars the person will have many bed partners. 

Relationship stability and satisfaction will never be there. 

If affliction on Mars is strong then such natives will also suffer from venereal diseases.

Jupiter  in the 7th House



If Jupiter is in the 7th House, these folks will be popular and be able to earn a lot of respect in their life. 

Such people have a charming personality and enjoy good health. 

There will be happiness in the lives of these folks. 

They will earn enormous respect due to their good deeds. 

They are sensitive and generous by nature and always showing concern for others.

These natives will be getting an elegant spouse who will be from a respectable and rich family. 

These people find a lot of happiness and satisfaction in their married life.  They are able to form a stable and long-lasting relationship.  

They will receive good support from their spouse, which will add more joy to their life.

Their spouse will be honest, dependable and of a good moral character.

The spouse will also be highly intelligent, philosophical and spiritual by nature. 

Generally, the business association these people form will be long-lasting and bring good opportunity to earn a lot of money and wealth. 

The native with Jupiter in the 7th House leads a good life and is fortunate on many fronts. 

Exalted or Own House

If the 7th House is Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces and contains Jupiter, these natives will have a happy marital life.

The spouse will belong to a rich and affluent family. 

Luck will be favoring these people for their entire life.

Such people have many children and have a good relationship with them. 

The spouse can be religious and spiritual by nature. 

The native is honest in the relationship and does not indulge in immoral activities. 

The person loves to travel.  Many times visiting holy cities and places of worship. 

They form long-lasting business associations and trust their partner.

They make good money through correct methods and never cheat or do unlawful activities.    

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 7th House, the married life sees a lot of disturbances, and the possibility of separation is strong. 

Ailments related to liver or allergies may create problems on the health front.

There will be many enemies in the life of these natives.

Their spouse may be of loose character and engage themselves in sinful acts.

The spouse of these people will suffer a lot in their life as well.

They will never form a dependable and reliable partnership. 

They are likely to be cheated by their partner. 

The person may live away from their place of birth. 

The person gets cheated by others and can never find honest, good and lifelong friends. 


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