Planets in the 7th House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 7th House

Sun or Moon in the 7th House

Sun in the 7th House



Natives with Sun in the 7th House will be totally committed and honest in their relationship with their spouse.

They will be devoted and enjoy connecting on a spiritual level more than purely physical.

They are highly sensitive; small remarks from their partner can disturb them easily.

Loyalty and sincerity are important for them and they can go out of their way to please their partner.

Delay in marriage might be experienced as the person keeps looking for the perfect partner.

The person can have multiple relationships, as the satisfaction will be less.

With Sun in the 7th House, the dependence upon the partner for emotional fulfillment is very strong.

When Sun is in the 7th House, the person could be in a relationship with someone from a different caste, creed, or religion.

The native will have a partner who is highly authoritative, dominating and wants to lead in the relationship.

Marital happiness is reduced as there will be frequent quarrels and ego issues. 

Exalted or Own House

If the Sun is in Aries or Leo in the 7th House, the spouse will be from a rich and highly respectable family.

The native with exalted Sun or in own House in the 7th House, life partner will be charismatic, beautiful and highly talented.

With the exalted Sun in the 7th House, the person will have good stature and confidence.  They seek perfection in everything they do.

The native will possess remarkable negotiating abilities and can excel in every task they undertake.

The native enjoys a very active social life and is always willing to help others.

With Sun in the 7th House, the person believes in lifelong relationships and associations.

These people respect their partners and associates.  They do not mind listening to their point of view before telling them what needs to be done.

The person will be very choosy when entering a business deal. 

Debilitated, or Fallen

If the Sun is in Libra, in the 7th House, the person will struggle to keep the marriage intact.  There will be frequent ego clashes and arguments.

Marital happiness will be missing and there will be no satisfaction in the relationship.

Marital relationship is disturbed due to the low character of the spouse.

The person’s spouse will be dominating and could nag over small issues.

Marriage could suffer due to the bossy nature of the partner.  There will be less understanding and disagreements will be frequent.

The marriage partner will lack confidence and suffer from low esteem.

There will be a strong difference of opinion with the father.

Problems with government or authority figures can be there. 

Moon in the 7th House



Waxing Moon

A waxing Moon generally brings better results than a waning Moon.

In the 7th House, a waxing Moon makes the person a highly charismatic, devoted, romantic, loving and sensual person.

The person will have a beautiful, charming and elegant life partner.

Such a person has a peaceful appearance and remains very balanced during times of crisis.

At times they do get emotional outbursts, especially when they want to attract the attention of their partner.  They are very sensitive by nature when it comes to relationships. 

As Moon is the significator of mind, the life partner of such a person will be highly intelligent and have a successful career.

Such native enjoys good health and gets attracted easily to the member of the opposite sex.

A girl with this Moon placement in the 7th House will be full of feminine qualities and highly desirable to men.  They will be extraordinarily good-looking and highly sophisticated.

The person will be highly committed to the relationship and even succumb to the wishes of the partner.

The person will be lucky in the relationship and will receive love, affection and care from the spouse.

Waning Moon

If the Moon is waning in the 7th House the benefits described above will not be as pronounced.

There will be lots of ups and downs in the relationship.

There will be less maturity between partners and it will be a relationship more on fulfillment of self-interest.

The person will be attractive and get easily attracted to the opposite sex.

When Moon is waning in the 7th House, the possibility of multiple relationships is strong as satisfaction is less.

When the waning Moon is in the 7th House, the person will have frequent health issues.

The relationship will be built upon materialistic desires and there will be less love and affection.

Exalted or Own House

If the Moon is in Taurus or Cancer in the 7th House, the benefits described above under waxing Moon are further enhanced.

Marriage and marital life will be full of happiness.

The spouse will be from an influential and rich family.

The life partner will be charming, beautiful and bring good luck to the native.

There is a lot of commitment and sincerity in the relationship and it is generally long-lasting and strong.  

The native is married in a respectable and wealthy family.  The native receives a lot of benefits from the partner, throughout marital life.

There is a strong attraction to members of the opposite sex.

The person will have a strong and attractive sexual appeal, which makes the person very popular.

The person will be happy in the relationship as there is lots of love and care that the person will receive from the spouse.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If the Moon is in Scorpio in the 7th House, the married life will not be happy.

The person will never be satisfied in this marriage.

If the influence of malefic planets is more on Moon then there may be no marriage for the native.

If there is affliction on the debilitated Moon, then the person may never find contentment and happiness in marriage.

There even can be more than one marriage as marital bliss is not there. 

The spouse can be weak mentally or physically or can also suffer from major health-related issues.

There will be lots of arguments, conflicts, differences of opinion with the partner.

Relationship stability will never be there as the native keeps changing partners.


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