Planets in the 10th House – Mercury or Venus

Planets in the 10th House

Mercury or Venus in the 10th House

Mercury in the 10th House


Mercury in the 10th House results in a positive reputation and a thriving career.  Depending on other aspects, this Mercurial placement can lead to a gift of communication.  Other aspects can result in work with esoteric tools, science, math, writing, or teaching.

Mercury rules commerce, so business ideas and opportunities will play a role in this person’s career.  No matter what this person does for work, money and success come easy to them.

This charming individual will be well-cultured, handsome, and loved by many.  They will be well-educated, calm and happy.

Mercury in the 10th House causes this individual’s positive qualities to continue to increase over time.

Negative planets that may aspect Mercury are strengthened and energized by that planet’s ability to positively impact the native’s career and work life.

Exalted or Own House

If Mercury in the 10th House is in the sign of Virgo or Gemini it is considered exalted and will amplify all positive aspects Mercury has on a person’s career, wealth, and communication abilities.

Such heightened placements in the 10th House can result in the native becoming famous, an international businessman, or generating great wealth.  They are also likely to be in a position of power or authority.  If not, they will be treated with such a great level of respect and reverence. 

The native possesses a significant stroke of brilliance that makes them suited for liberal arts, writing, lecturing, math, or science. 

However, one career subject may not be enough for this placement.  They may want to explore many sources of income and increase their knowledge and awareness by studying and perfecting several different professions, skills, or trades. 

The native’s work will benefit their community or society at large.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mercury in the 10th House is in the sign of Pisces it is considered a fallen placement and can negatively impact the person’s career or ability to create a stable income.

Promotional opportunities may be missed and this placement can result in someone working for others instead of being their own boss or in any position of power.

Fame or admirable social status is not to be expected.

Venus  in the 10th House


Venus impacts the divine luck and timing for the person with this faithful planet placed in the 10th House.  Venus brings joy, performance, and happiness to the nature of the career.

Many performers, musicians, and artists have Venus in the 10th House.  The trade of this person is likely to bring cheer to their environment.  General happiness, access to power or fortune, and ease in life are likely.

Adored in public, this person’s profession and personality make it easy to build important connections that will further strengthen their reputation and may even lead to more accumulated wealth or fame.

If not performing or creating, the native may have a career in selling fine arts, jewelry, luxury clothing, cosmetics, fine cars, or sweets–things that reveal the nature of the planet Venus.

Though power is not important to those with this placement, it may come naturally and effortlessly.  This person is adored and respected and their reputation with women is exceptionally positive because of the feminine energy exuded from Venus.  Their relationship with their mother is also notably positive.

Many aspects of this person’s life, beyond their career, will be sweet and blissful.

Exalted or Own House

If Venus in the 10th House is in the signs of Pisces, Taurus, or Libra–it is considered an exalted placement. Exalted placements amplify the effects of Venus in the 10th House. 

Great success and wealth are likely.  One may even become famous, well-known, loved by all, or maintain a positive reputation that precedes them.  Power and beauty come naturally.  The spouse may reflect these positive aspects.

The profession of this person may bring joy and/or entertainment to others.  Money is earned from making others smile even if the occupation isn’t directly related to entertaining.  The native will benefit the society or community around them and will maintain pure intentions.

There is an attraction toward a luxurious lifestyle that can be attained.  Married life is also positive and fruitful.  Spouse is artistic and will hold similar values as the native.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Venus in the 10th House is in the sign of Virgo it is considered to be debilitated and can result in barriers and obstacles within the professional life of the native.

Investments within their career may often fall short and lead to low professional confidence or vigor.

The native may appear directionless leading to a loss of honor and respect.  An impressive reputation is not likely achievable and hard work and efforts may go unnoticed.  They aren’t likely to have their own business.

The inconsistent and curious nature of this person will lead to many changes in career, job, profession and occupation.  It is advised not to seek fast business transactions or opportunities that seem too good to be true.

This person doesn’t maintain a position of power within society or their community.

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