Planets in the 10th House – Mars or Jupiter

Planets in the 10th House

Mars or Jupiter in the 10th House

Mars in the 10th House


The 10th House is one of the few Houses where the fiery energy of Mars can be put to good use.

Mars also gains directional strength in this House, making this its best placement in the chart.

This person will be extremely clever in their profession and will enjoy outstanding success and achievement in their life.

They will find it easy to gain wealth.

The native will be very ambitious and may aim to be a ruler or leader of some kind.

They will be interested in military work, athletics, sports, mechanics, surgery, or any technical field such as engineering, drafting, or accounting.  However, some texts state that the person may lie, be duplicitous or have the mindset of a thief.  This will be caused by the aggressiveness and malefic nature of Mars, which makes the person very determined to achieve their goals at any cost.

Mars promotes a selfish influence, aiming for personal success.   The more favorably it is placed, the less consideration the native will show toward the opinions and feelings of others.

There will also be a tendency to use, regardless of the experience, that others will endure in the service of the native.

Truth will be seen by the person with this placement as a flexible commodity, that can be bent and manipulated to achieve their goals.

Despite all of the above, (or perhaps because of it), the person commands much respect and wields considerable power.

They also perform good deeds for their society and may develop an interest in spiritual techniques and programs for personal growth.

However, due to the aspect of Mars on the 4th House, the relationship with the mother is disturbed.

Exalted or Own House

The person with Mars in Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio in the 10th House, enjoys a great career, which brings them wealth, fame and power.

Status as a ruler, commander, or leader is indicated.

Within their career or business dealings, the person displays aggression, tremendous strength and fortitude that defeats all opponents or competitors.

Success in every undertaking and fulfillment of personal desires comes easily to this individual.

The person will know their purpose in life early on and will move toward this with unwavering determination.

The public will greatly benefit from the actions of this native.

There might be numerous holy pilgrimages.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mars is in Cancer in the 10th House, the person will have many difficulties in their career.

They will struggle to know their life purpose and will switch careers many times.

Failure will haunt this native’s activities and little respect will come from society.

If success does arrive, it may be subject to sudden drastic downfalls, which the native could not have foreseen.

They are unlikely to be interested in helping their community or enjoying holy pilgrimages.

Jupiter  in the 10th House



When Jupiter is in the 10th House, the person enjoys a very successful career and achieves a high position in their community.

Their professional activities will succeed quickly, and they become honored or famous.

This native chooses a career that is oriented toward benefiting the public.

They are particularly interested in work that involves advanced knowledge, such as a university professor or practitioner of law, philosophy, religion, higher states of consciousness and spiritual disciplines: subjects not normally covered by mainstream media.

The person with Jupiter in this House will be especially concerned with educating the public or elevating their level of awareness. 

Their own personality will be virtuous, highly ethical and religiously or spiritually oriented.

This native will find it easy to gain wealth.

Planets in the 10th House aspect the 4th House.  Jupiter’s aspect from here will make a person happy and content, give them fine conveyances and many varieties of comforts and luxuries.

There will be a good relationship with the mother and numerous benefits from her.

This person will gain from the government and authority figures in the form of work or favors from them.

There may be a strong interest in holy pilgrimages.

Exalted or Own House

Jupiter in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces in the 10th House gives the benefits outlined above greatly enhanced.

The person will be extremely fortunate, happy and successful in their career.

From an early age, they will have a strong sense of destiny and purpose.

Success from their undertakings will come almost immediately.

Honor and fame will follow them throughout their life.

The native is extremely spiritually developed and may become a religious leader or outstanding guru.

Wealth from professional undertakings will come easily.

Cooperation from eminent persons or the government will be easy to obtain.

There will be much fulfillment from spiritual retreats and holy pilgrimages.

Debilitated, or Fallen

When Jupiter lies in Capricorn in the 10th House, the person will have only mixed success in their career.

The most likely result is selling their time for money, lacking a complete understanding of their life’s purpose.

This native will change professions many times and struggle to achieve success in their undertakings.

The person will show little interest in religion and even less in holy pilgrimages.

Their work will not be highly valued by society, or it will go unnoticed.

A life outside the spotlight of fame, respect, or honor is likely.


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