Planets in the 10th House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 10th House

The Sun or Moon in the 10th House

The 10th House is an angular house, empowering the planets within it. 

Even malefic planets will flourish unless there is a negative aspect elsewhere in the chart.

The 10th House provides insight into the career, areas of interest, inclinations toward wealth and social status of the person. 

Planets occupying it aspect the 4th House, which additionally influences these aspects of the native’s life.

Planetary indicators of the 10th House include Sun, Mercury, Jupiter and Saturn.

The 10th House is highly influenced by other placements in other Houses.  Before conclusive judgments can be made on the effect of the 10th House, all planetary placements and their aspects throughout the chart must be considered.

Sun in the 10th House


The Sun in the 10th House is a positive aspect for career, success and goal achievement. 

This person is likely to be among the best at what they do and will quickly rise to a leadership role or overtake a senior in their field.

This person is strong, confident and ambitious.

An affinity for notable roles including politics, medicine, or science is likely.  Their goal is to help society, make an impact and to be recognized. 

Whatever career path is taken, it will be defining and imperative to the native as they will identify themselves closely with their profession. 

Along with their pristine image, this person will have a good social standing and go on many spiritual pilgrimages. 

Depending on what occurs in the 4th House, the relationship with the mother or mother figure may be troubled. However, the father will be helpful in encouraging this person’s success and wealth.

Exalted or Own House

If the 10th House is in the sign of Leo or Aries, the impact of the Sun’s placement is heightened. 

These exalted placements result in fame and/or a well-respected and enjoyed reputation. 

If the native desires power, it will be easily achieved.  They have great leadership ability and maybe a ruler, politician, or hold a high position that others look up to or depend on.

Wealth comes easily in any undertaking.  Their willingness to give back to their community makes them popular and well-liked.

This person’s father was likely just as well-respected, popular, wealthy, prosperous and perhaps lived a long, full life.

This person may go on several spiritual pilgrimages in their lifetime

Debilitated, or Fallen

Sun in Libra in the 10th House is a debilitated placement.  This person may lack confidence or belief in their self making it a challenge to make a name for themselves.

The career of this person is not well-defined and may be hard to establish.

The lack of stability will cause the person to explore many different professions.

Wealth will be a challenge to obtain unless the native become significantly focused and uninfluenced.

The relationship with the father may be challenging.  The father likely had a hard life and obtained little stability.  

Moon in the 10th House


Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon in the 10th House is a positive placement and allows all planets in the 10th House to flourish.

Professional achievement of the person with a Waxing Moon in 10th House is likely to occur early on in life.  They’ll be popular and might even be a famous child or teen.  The career of this person may change a lot but most will be in the performing arts and will entertain or serve the masses.

The intelligent, intuitive and kind native is natural at sensing what a crowd needs and is eager to cater to them through inspiration, art, or service. And, they greatly enjoy what they do.

This person will be close to their mother or be encouraged by women in their life who are also successful and happy.  The aspect of the 4th House will better convey the professional life of the native’s mother.

Waning Moon

With the Waning moon in 10th House placement, the person is equally career-minded but success or fame will be a little harder to achieve unless there are significant and strong aspects throughout the rest of the horoscope.

There may be occasional setbacks in their career and the native will change professions frequently.  They are likely to be overly concerned with the opinions of others and this will distract them from their goals.

This person desires to work independently but will have to prove their capabilities to themselves over time.

Exalted or Own House

If the Moon in the 10th House falls in Cancer or Taurus, the beneficial impacts of the Moon’s placement are magnified.

This person will be fortunate and gain popularity, especially with women.  They also maintain a close relationship with the mother.

The native wants to make an impact on their community or society.  They are loved and respected and make an effective leader.  They follow their convictions and find great purpose and meaning in their work and desires to make a difference.

If the Moon in the 10th House of Taurus or Cancer is waning, the impact will be less intense.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If the Moon in 10th House is in Scorpio, it is debilitated.  This person may find it challenging to find their purpose.

Changes in career and interest come frequently and achieving meaningful success may be a challenge.

This person may find frequently trying to prove themselves to their superiors.  This person may need to be reminded of their capabilities and would greatly benefit from working on their self-confidence and self-trust.

With a focus on meeting their own goals, this person may not commit time to their community or go on any holy pilgrimages.


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