Planets in the 11th House – Mars or Jupiter

Planets in the 11th House

Mars or Jupiter in the 11th House

Mars in the 11th House



Mars in the 11th House flourishes significantly, as do most things controlled by the House itself.

The native with Mars within the 11th House will be powerful, bold and profoundly ambitious.

The person will have plenty of opportunities in life and will be very wealthy.  They will accomplish their major goals and desires with possible ownership of properties.

The individual will have capable and influential friends, although there may be troubles in their relationship with them.

On the off chance that Mars is in any way afflicted, the friendships are at that point significantly disturbed.

Mars within the 11th House does not favor the relationship with the eldest sibling or the paternal uncle.  Either of their lives may be rather unfortunate.

The individual is skilled with the use of their hands, mechanical capacity, technical areas, and all sorts of repair work, which may be one of the ways they supplement their income.

Exalted or Own House

If Mars is in Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio within the 11th House, the person will have great ambitions in life, which can be attained.

The individual will be wealthy and successful.

They will appreciate a fulfilling social life and have many exceptional friends.  The individual’s eldest sibling may be famous, prosperous and long-lived.

The individual may be involved in military work or a rulership position.

There will be abundant opportunities within the person’s life, and they will incredibly benefit from their paternal uncle who may be powerful and successful.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mars is in Cancer in the 11th House, the individual will endure incredibly on account of their eldest sibling or there won’t be one at all.  In the event that the person does have one, they may lead a monotonous life or have serious health complications.  The relationship is filled with pressure and arguments.

The individual will not fulfill their fundamental goals and ambitions in life or maybe void of any ambitions.

The individual is weak or frail and missing in opportunity.

Their companions may be beneath their status or have a frail character.  There may be tension or arguments in the person’s friendships.

Jupiter in the 11th House



Jupiter in the 11th House is one of the finest placements of a House in terms of wealth and success in all undertakings.

The Midas touch is inferred as everything the person touches turns to gold making the person wealthy.

Their undertakings succeed quickly, and opportunities will present themselves on a daily basis, with little or no interruption.

From the 11th, Jupiter will aspect the 3rd House, which specifically rules efforts and desires.  It also aspects the 5th and 7th Houses.

The person will fulfill their major desires as well as their everyday efforts.

They will be highly fortunate in the sphere of friends, groups and social activities.  These people will have knowledgeable, spiritual, or wealthy friends.  They will mostly associate with people above their social or financial status and intellectual level.

The person will get along very well with their eldest sibling, who will be prosperous or special.  That sibling may also be knowledgeable, religious, or spiritual.

These people may supplement their main source of income through activities such as astrology, spiritual teachings and pure speculation.

They will benefit from their paternal uncle, who is also prosperous.

The person’s ambitions and dreams are of great magnitude and may therefore affect a part of society.

Although this position is extremely fortunate in the materialistic sense, the person’s major goals may be related to religious, spiritual, or knowledge-oriented pursuits.

Certain Vedic texts state that the person will have few children.  This is because Jupiter rules children and benefic planets are not much enhanced by Houses of profits.

The person is quite intelligent and will love music, dance and drama, as the 3rd House receives Jupiter’s fortunate aspect.

Exalted or Own House

If Jupiter is in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces in the 11th House, the individual is fortunate indeed.

These people will have tremendous goals in life, which they will fulfill.

They will have the finest quality friends and a superb social life.

They will have an enormous amount of opportunity in their lives and will be exceptionally wealthy.

Their eldest sibling may be popular or exceedingly spiritual.  The person will benefit from their sibling as well as a maternal uncle.

The person is greatly intelligent, high-minded, and spiritual.

They will have excellent and prosperous children, whom they will adore.

These people will succeed nearly immediately in their endeavors.

Speculations will be profoundly profitable.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 11th House, the person may have exaggerated goals and ambitions which they will never realize.

Both luck and opportunity are spoiled.

The life of the eldest sibling is greatly marred, as is the relationship with the individual.

The person will have to work hard to gain any wealth, and may even fail to achieve their daily desires.

Relationships with friends are quite disturbed.  The person will gain very little from their paternal uncle.

This placement of Jupiter in Capricorn in the 11th House, as well as any fallen planet in the 11th House, can make life quite tedious and bitter.


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