Planets in the 11th House – Mercury or Venus

Planets in the 11th House

Mercury or Venus in the 11th House

Mercury in the 11th House


When Mercury is in the 11th House without any malefic aspect the individual will be wealthy and successful in their money-related undertakings.

The individual will promptly fulfill their dreams and goals.

It is an excellent placement for intelligence, as Mercury is well set within the 11th House, making the individual brilliant, knowledgeable and learned.

They will relate to clever and refined friends.

There will be multiple opportunities in their lives and business ventures will be profitable.

The individual will gain from their eldest sibling, who may be an intellectual.  They also enjoy a great relationship with their uncle.

The individual may supplement their primary source of income in different distinctive ways and will be especially adept in business, commerce and trade.  This could be a good situation for researchers, engineers, mathematicians and other similar professions.

If Mercury is afflicted, it loses its benefic status and the results are reversed.

Exalted or Own House

If Mercury is in Virgo or Gemini within the 11th House, the benefits stated in Mercury within the 11th House are multiplied.

The individual picks up wealth effortlessly and will enjoy numerous avenues of income.  They will be exceedingly successful in their financial speculations.

The individual will have an awesome relationship with their eldest sibling, who may be prosperous, famous and greatly intelligent.

The individual is brilliant, shrewd and knowledgeable.

Their desires, goals and dreams will be realized and these desires may be related to learning or educational activities and institutions.

There will be inexhaustible opportunities for this person.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mercury is in Pisces within the 11th House, the individual will endure hardships on account of the eldest sibling.  The relationship may be futile, or that person may have extreme health issues.

The individual will not fulfill their objectives and desires in life.

These individuals may not appreciate any joy from friends or may relate with people beneath their status.

There may be misfortunes or exceptional financial downfalls due to speculation.  There will be exceptionally few opportunities, and the individual must work hard for any wealth they gain.

There is no advantage from the paternal uncle.

The individual may experience steady insatiable desires.

Venus in the 11th House


When Venus is in the 11th House, the person is exceptionally fortunate in fulfilling their goals and aspirations.

These individuals are fortunate with opportunity and pick up riches effortlessly.

They will be exceptionally fruitful in any financial speculations.

They will have many friends, particularly females and will appreciate an incredible social life.

The person will benefit from and will appreciate an adoring relationship with the eldest sibling and the paternal uncle.  Either of these people may be exceedingly creative and prosperous.

The individual may have a great love of music, dance, or shows and their major objectives may be so related.

Accordingly, the beneficial perspective Venus casts onto the 5th House will make the person profoundly intelligent and learned.

These individuals will also significantly enjoy their children.

The individual will appreciate decorations, comforts and luxuries.

On the chance that the person wants it, their income can be supplemented through dealings with craftsmanship, confection, jewelry, cosmetics and other Venus-ruled activities.

Exalted or Own House

If Venus is in Pisces, Taurus, or Libra in the 11th House, the individual is amazingly wealthy and fulfills their most noteworthy dreams.

They attain riches suddenly and easily.

The individual’s eldest sibling may be beautiful or famous.  The individual has brilliant companions and a wonderful social life.

There is great talent in one of the fine arts, and their major objective in life may be so related.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Venus is in Virgo within the 11th House, the individual may never fulfill their major dreams in life.

They will endure on account of their eldest sibling, who will lead a troublesome life or have extreme health complications at an early age.

There will be a small opportunity during the person’s life other than what they make through perseverance and due diligence.

There will be few friends, and troubles with the ones they do have.

Wealth, extravagances and comforts are not at all favored by this placement.


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