Planets in the 11th House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 11th House

House of Gains and Profits

The Sun or Moon in the 11th House


The 11th House is one of desires.  This is because it corresponds with an air sign.  Since it rules desires, it might speak to a person who has unquenchable desires if the House is afflicted.

It is significantly a House that invests heavily in goals and aspirations.

They rule over gains and profits and can uncover abrupt monetary fluctuations and abundance coming from short-term ventures or those emerging from unexpected opportunities.

The 11th House also takes charge of opportunities in order to fulfill their desires.  They may anticipate that every day open doors will be available to them.

As a developing House, any planet situated inside, except if afflicted, gives great outcomes concerning most basic House matters.

The person in this House may have no senior brothers or sisters.

Even though the 3rd House rules the arts, numerous Vedic astrologers see an association between the two Houses’ activities. Additionally, Vedic texts usually relate the 11th House to joy in marriage because the 11th is the 5th House (which rules love affairs) from the 7th.

The significant planet of the 11th House is Jupiter.  Therefore, House matters should be held until due consideration has been given to Jupiter, just as well to the lord of the House.

The Sun in the 11th House

The person with the Sun in the 11th House will be well off and fulfill their objectives and aspirations with ceaselessly growing power.

These individuals are powerful and reach high positions.  They effectively get the better of their adversaries or competitors.

They will have numerous effective or noticeable companions and may benefit from the government.

They are profoundly principled, high-minded and possess integrity.

The person may have few children or there may be troubles with them due to the aspect the Sun casts on the 5th House.

The 11th position favors the riches of the father and the relationship with him.

Exalted or Own House

If the Sun is in Aries or Leo within the 11th House, the native will pick up incredible riches through many distinctive sources of income.

The individual will have a grand desire, which they will realize in their lifetime. 

Their eldest sibling is powerful and affluent, and the individual picks up from that relationship.

These individuals also gain from their uncle.  They will have numerous prominent friends and be continually offered opportunities.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If the Sun is in Libra in the 11th House, natives in this House will not be able to fulfill their dreams and desires.

The individual may be poor and must work long and hard for their riches.

There may be money related downfalls and investments will rapidly fall.

The individual will be powerless and void of noticeable quality or status.  These individuals will relate with friends who are weak or beneath their level.

The eldest sibling may lead a life of hardship and confront genuine health challenges at an early age and their relationship will be incredibly disturbed.

For these individuals, opportunities seldom ever show themselves and no advantages or happiness are inferred from the paternal uncle.

The Moon in the 11th House



Waxing Moon

The bright Moon within the House of gains and profits is one of the finest placements for wealth.

If the waxing Moon is in the 11th House, the individual will have the most genuine and far-reaching objectives and desires, which they will likely accomplish.

Their desires are related to activities involving the public, as well as amassing incredible success and wealth.

Subsequently, the individual is exceptionally prosperous and may claim land, buildings, fine conveyances and other extravagances.  They will benefit from a few diverse ventures at the same time.

The individual will appreciate many fine and affluent friends, particularly females.

Due to the Moon’s aspect on the 5th House, the individual will be extremely intelligent and have numerous fine children whom they will get along with.

The person’s eldest sibling will be special or popular and there will be bliss in that relationship.

Opportunities will always emerge for the individual, particularly those including financial dealings.

The individual will never lose focus of his life-long dreams and their actions will be consistent with that purpose.

These people will benefit from their paternal uncle.

Waning Moon

If the Waning Moon is in the 11th House, the results are comparable to that of the Waxing Moon, but not quite as blessed.

The individual is determined to realize their dream in life, but there are no assurances that the person will.

The person is also exceptionally inquisitive about gaining wealth and is moderately lucky in doing so.

The individual will have numerous friends, but they are not as achieved as that of the Waxing Moon resulting in more occasional changes in these friendships.

There may be a stamped closeness with the eldest sibling but not many benefits from the person.

Exalted or Own House

If the Moon is in Taurus or Cancer in the 11th House, the benefits which were stated for Waxing Moon are significantly magnified.

The person may enjoy immense wealth and will be highly intelligent.

The individual’s eldest sibling may be famous or extremely special, allowing them to benefit greatly on such an account.

They will be very fortunate in fulfilling their daily desires as well as achieving major goals.

Their financial speculations will be extraordinarily profitable and they will have fine children.

The individual will have many achieved friends.

If the Moon is waning, the benefits are proportionately reduced but still very positive.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If the Moon is in Scorpio in the 11th House, the natives endure suffering on account of their eldest sibling.  It’s either the relationship is damaged or the sibling leads a dull life with extraordinary difficulties in health at an early age.

The individual will have few opportunities and must work tirelessly for their wealth.

They may have an appalling time attempting to fulfill their desires, particularly major dreams in life.

There will be no benefits from the paternal uncle.

The individual may relate with friends below their level or people whose lives are exceptionally troublesome, and there will be intermittent inconveniences with them.

The individual may have strong and insatiable desires.


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