Planets in the 3rd House – Mars or Jupiter

Planets in the 3rd House

Mars or Jupiter in the 3rd House

Mars in the 3rd House


Mars in the 3rd House brings bad relationships with brothers and sisters, no siblings at all, or severe hardship for the next born child.

The person is excited, highly motivated with a strong zest for life.

There could be a problem with the right ear.

The person’s desires will be strong and clear, and the person is willing to work very hard at whatever they undertake.

The person is adventurous, bold and courageous.  Mars in the 3rd House leads this.

The person will have a stable, firm, and reliable personality and may achieve outstanding results in their chosen profession.

If Mars is in really good Houses, or well aspected by planets from other Houses, the person will show talent in the fields of literature, fine arts and the like.

The next born sibling is likely to be a male and rather aggressive.

From the 3rd House, Mars aspects the 9th House, which causes the relationship with the father to be disturbed.

As the 3rd is a House of desires, the person will be overly sexual if Mars is afflicted in any way.

Overall, Mars is usually beneficial to the person’s wealth, happiness, and well-being.  Welcome to Mars in the 3rd House.

Exalted or Own House

If Mars is in the 3rd House and in Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio, the person will be powerful and brave.

They will be capable of becoming a strong-willed commander or leader.  Their personality will be firm unshakable and rock solid.

The person will be very talented in the field of literature and or the fine arts.

They will receive much happiness from their younger brothers and sisters.

The person’s desires are easily fulfilled, and they will travel constantly within their city.

Their voice will be powerful and beautiful. 

The person could be a director, manager or producer, and will distinguish themselves in work that involves organization of others.

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Mars is in Cancer in the 3rd House, all of the preceding effects are reversed in the extreme.

The person’s younger brothers and sisters will be a source of suffering or there will be none at all.

The life of the next youngest sibling will be difficult, or they may face serious health challenges from an early age.

The person’s right ear will be problematic.

Their efforts will be unsuccessful and they will be frustrated on account of their inability to fulfill their desires.

The personality will be weak, uncertain or wavering.

There will be little or no talent in the fine arts or literature.

The voice will probably be unattractive. 

They could be left-handed or have medical problems with their fingers. 

Jupiter in the 3rd House


Although this is a good position for 3rd House matters, it is nevertheless bad for the significations of Jupiter.

Ancient Jyotish texts forecast that the person with such a placement will be miserly, and will miss many opportunities in life.

However, from this 3rd House position, Jupiter aspects the 9th House which is a House of good fortune.

Therefore some of the bad effects of this 3rd House placement of Jupiter are negated and the person’s luck is increased.

There will be many younger brothers and sisters from whom the native will receive multiple benefits and much happiness.

It is likely that the person shows great potential or actual talent as an actor, dancer, musician or singer.

There is also a positive influence if the person chooses to be a stage director or a producer of movies.

The person’s voice will be beautiful, powerful and authoritative.

The person will enjoy communicating, and may be involved in a career that centers around literary work or communications.

Efforts will be successful and desires fulfilled.

The next younger sibling is likely to be masculine, fortunate, happy and interested in religious subjects.

Exalted or Own House

If Jupiter is in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces in the 3rd House, the positive benefits outlined above are enhanced.

The person will be an outstanding performer and may also show talent as a director or producer.  They may be renowned as a writer or highly skilled professional in any communications career.

The person’s desires are fulfilled easily, and their efforts succeed without much work.

The immediate younger sibling will be famous, fortunate or highly spiritual. 

Siblings bring nothing but joy to this fortunate native.

Debilitated, or Fallen

When Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 3rd House, the person’s younger siblings will cause suffering or there will not be any.

The next younger sibling is likely to be immoral, experience severe challenges to their health, or endure hardship during life.

The person will be unlucky and seem to allow many opportunities to slip through their grasp.

No matter what they try, their efforts rarely succeed. Mars in the 3rd House also relates well.

They will be tormented by never-ending desires. Mars in the 3rd House does the same as well.

Their personality is likely to be weak or wavering.

Communication skills will be poor, and there will be no talents in literature or the fine arts.

The person is also likely to be shy, fearful, and lacking in motivation.


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