Planets in the 3rd House – Saturn, Rahu or Ketu

Planets in the 3rd House


Saturn in the 3rd House


When Saturn is in the 3rd House, there are few younger brothers or sisters, and the person’s relationship with them is strained or distant.

Because of the occupying planet’s effect on the next younger sibling, this person will take on the qualities of Saturn and show maturity, conservatism and a possibly ascetic nature, characterized by hard labor and servitude, depending on the sign in which Saturn is placed.

The native will have ambitions to be a leader.

Their efforts will succeed and their desires be fulfilled, but only after initial failures.  In order to achieve such fulfillment, the person will need to work quite hard and is unlikely to receive help from anyone.

Success for this person will usually come later in life and their work will probably involve hard physical labor.

The person will be conservative in action and possibly lacking in motivation.

Their lifestyle may be stagnant or inactive.

There could be a problem also in the right ear. 

Saturn is generally a malefic sign, but the 3rd House is a growing House, thus this placement of Saturn is beneficial for the native.  It will create a person who is courageous and protective towards other people.

The personality will be firm and interesting, with a strongly developed will.

There can be talents in the literary, fine arts or communications fields.

Left-handedness is likely, or maybe some mild defect with the hands.  Welcome to Saturn.

Exalted or Own House

If Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius in the 3rd House, the person will be highly motivated, powerful and likely a good leader.

Younger siblings will not be numerous, but they will however possess a good character and strength.

It is possible there may be significant talent in the fine arts and literature field.

The native will be a dedicated worker whose efforts succeed gradually over time.

As life goes on this person will gain more and more power.

If the person does have a leadership position, they will use it to protect others. 

Debilitated, or Fallen

If Saturn is in Aries in the 3rd House, the person’s brothers or sisters will cause them suffering, or else there won’t be any brothers or sisters.

The next youngest sibling will not have an easy life, or may experience severe challenges to their health at an early age.

The person will not have much motivation and tend to lead a stagnant life.

The native will have a wavering personality and be weak-willed.  Failure will plague this person and their desires will go unfulfilled.

There could be a defect in the right ear.

The person will feel isolated on account of not receiving much help in their efforts from other people.

Their voice will be unappealing and there will be little or no ability in the fine arts.

Communication skills will be lacking, and the person could develop arthritis or some other defect in their hands.

Rahu in the 3rd House


Malefics generally give good results in the 3rd House, and this is certainly the case with Rahu.

A person with such a placement will be excited, highly motivated, and adventurous.

They will also be a strong-willed, courageous, and display an unusual personality which will tend to be firm and unwavering.

Rahu signifies endless, insatiable desires.

Here in the 3rd House, the person with such a placement will experience powerful cravings to communicate.

The position of Rahu in the 3rd favors the fulfilment of one’s efforts and desires, and the achievement of wealth and respect.

Conversely for a malefic planet, it provides great ability with detailed, organizational work.

Depending on the sign which forms the backdrop for Rahu’s placement, it’s possible that they could also have literary talent, and/or skill in one of the fine arts such as singing, in which case the person is likely to have a beautiful voice.

Much inner city travel is indicated.

The downside of Rahu in the 3rd House is that the person is likely to have few younger siblings, or unhappy relationships with them.

However the ancient texts predict that the person will be long lived because the 3rd House is a House of life, along with the 8th.

Exalted or Own House

When Rahu is in Gemini or Virgo, stationary, direct or in forward motion, the person is likely to be courageous and brave.

The native will have a fascinating personality, which is charming.  They will brim over with energy, enthusiasm, and love of life.

There will be a substantial talent in the artistic fields such as music, dance, or drama.

Executive work will be suitable for this person, for example as a producer or director of movies or theater.

They will also be good at detailed work and organizing other people.

The person will be an excellent communicator or a skilled writer.

However, there will be troubles with the younger brothers or sisters, or there will be few of them.

Generally the person’s numerous, very strong desires will be easily fulfilled.

There is likely to be a great deal of short distance travel, such as commuting.

Ketu in the 3rd House


If Ketu is in the 3rd House, it’s effects are similar to those caused by Rahu, but not quite as beneficial.

The person will achieve respect from others, and possess an outstanding, extraordinary or interesting personality.

There will be an aura of excitement and liveliness about the person.

But, brothers and sisters will not bring this native much happiness.

Due to the ascetic influence of Ketu, this is a good placement for a person seeking spiritual knowledge.  Ketu causes a dampening or lessening of desire, especially in this House of desires.

Cravings will not trouble this person and they will go about their business and activities with a sense of non attachment to the result.

The person will be courageous and brave. 

Exalted or Own House

If Ketu is in Gemini or Virgo in the 3rd House, in forward motion or stationary direct, the person will be mostly interested in spiritual matters.

Ownership of material objects will not appeal to them much, and they are likely to have an excellent ability to discriminate, analyze and evaluate other issues.

The personality will be firm, interesting, courageous and brave.

There could be talents in the fine arts or in fields of communication.  Excellent writing ability is indicated.

The next younger sibling is likely to be unusually spiritual or acetic.

The native will be able to carry out detailed and organized work.

A beautiful voice is indicated and the person’s efforts are generally successful, with fulfillment of desire coming easily. 


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