Planets in the 3rd House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 3rd House

Sun or Moon in the 3rd House

Among other things, the 3rd House rules younger brothers and sisters, desires, adventures, exertions and courage.

Usually, whichever planet occupies the 3rd House gives us information about the next younger sibling.

Unlike Western Astrology, the 3rd House does not rule the mind.  However it is highly involved with communications.

In this capacity, this House is most responsible for creating performing artists, for example, actors, dancers, singers, musicians and writers.

A well-disposed 3rd House is very useful if the person is interested in a career as a movie or theater director or producer.

Managers, organizers and persons involved with detailed work, can also benefit from well-placed planets in this 3rd House.

The 3rd House, in partnership with the 6th, 10th, and 11th Houses is a growing House, where conditions in the person’s life usually improve or grow stronger over time with dedication.

Benefic planets in growing Houses give expected good results and this is certainly the case with the 3rd House.

The 3rd House is also a very lively place, which provides for the native’s energy, excitement and motivation.

The 3rd House rules the hands, thus, if the House is afflicted, the person may have some manual difficulties or be left-handed, which can often be challenging in a world predominantly populated by right-handed people.

The indicator of the 3rd House is Mars.

Final decisions about 3rd House matters should not be made without first considering the position of Mars in the native’s chart, as well as the position of the Lord of the House.

Sun in the 3rd House


When the Sun is in the 3rd House, the person will be adventurous, brave and courageous.

They will be powerful, bold, with a desire to achieve a position of authority in life.  They will be motivated and highly driven, and with perseverance, their efforts will succeed.

But there will not be much happiness with brothers and sisters, because although the Sun exerts an emotionally warm influence, he can be a little demanding for attention, thus the native will see their siblings as competitors for attention, rather than as friends or partners.  Sun in the 3rd House does this.

The person has a firm, unwavering mind and is stable in their desires.

The ancient texts prescribe that the next sibling will be male. 

Exalted or Own House

When the Sun is in Aries or Leo in the 3rd House, the benefits described above are enhanced.

The person will likely have a famous or outstanding, younger brother or sister.  Sun in the 3rd House can be well personalistic too.

They will be courageous, powerful, highly motivated and gain success in the reference easily.

The person can easily attain distinction in the field of literature or any profession that involves communications. 

They will have a strong personality and be able to fulfill their desires easily.

Debilitated or Fallen

The Sun in Libra spoils everything.

When the Sun is in Libra in the 3rd House, the person is overwhelmed by intense, constant and almost insatiable desires.

The person’s efforts are unsuccessful, and many of their desires go unfulfilled.  Sun in the 3rd House can be dynamic this way.

They will have problems with brothers or sisters, or have no siblings at all. 

The next younger sibling will struggle with life, or may experience intense challenges to their health early in life.

The person may yearn for excitement without success, or drift through life without much motivation. 

There will not be much talent in the fine arts, and they will be shy, cowardly and fearful. 

Moon in the 3rd House


The Moon situated in the 3rd House enables significations of this House to flourish, even though the Moon is somewhat spoiled.

The Moon governs the mind, and this position in the 3rd House does not favor mental peace.

If the Moon is afflicted, in other words badly aspected or in an enemy’s sign, the person could be mentally unstable and disturbed.

Furthermore, this placement of the Moon is not very favorable for one’s general well-being or status.

The relationship with the mother will be distant, interrupted or disturbed in some way.

The person will experience very strong desires, be interested in the fine arts and could choose to undertake them as a career.

The person will enjoy communicating, and could be involved in the field of literature, publishing, broadcasting or any communications career.

They will seek to attain a position in life where they can influence the masses.

If the person is a man, he will have powerful sexual desires.

If the Moon is waxing, the person will have several younger siblings, and will be protective and nurturing towards them.

If the Moon is waning, there will be younger siblings, but the native’s relationship with them will not be as close.

When the Moon is waxing, the person’s efforts pay off, and their desires are fulfilled.

The person is courageous, bold, and travels frequently within their own city.

The person’s voice will be beautiful and warm, and their personality will be excitable, adventurous and highly motivated.

An active mind is indicated.

From this 3rd House position, the Moon aspects the 9th House with full force and effect, which gives good effect regarding the person’s father and religion.

The ancient texts indicate that the person will be strong, forceful and obsessed with power.

Exalted or Own House

The Moon in Taurus or Cancer in the 3rd House magnifies the benefits outlined above.

The person is powerful, intelligent and succeeds swiftly in their efforts. 

The person’s younger brothers and sisters will be a source of great joy for the native.

The next younger sibling is likely to be a female, who is or becomes famous and fortunate.

Life is filled with adventure, and very exciting.

The person is likely to be highly talented in one of the fine arts or in literature.

A very spiritual personality is indicated, with benefit from the father on account of the Moon’s aspect on the 9th House.

The person will be highly motivated.

Debilitated or Fallen

If the Moon is in Scorpio in the 3rd House, there will be suffering on account of the person’s younger brothers and sisters, or there will be none at all in the person’s family.

The person will suffer some kind of mental illness such as depression or instability.

The person’s desires never seem to end, and their efforts continually fail. 

The voice of this unfortunate will be unappealing and they will lack courage and be fearful.

There is little or no talent in the fields of literature or fine arts. 

Motivation will be lacking, and the person drifts through life without much direction.

The relationship with the mother is unsatisfactory, and the mother’s life is likely to be unpleasant.

There could be a hearing problem with the right ear.

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