Planets in the 5th House – Mars or Jupiter

Planets in the 5th House

Mars or Jupiter in the 5th House

Mars in the 5th House


If Mars is in the 5th House, the person will be intense, alert, intelligent, rash, shrewd and with a quick temper.

Unless Mars is well aspected, it will ruin good Houses.

There will be few or no children, or conflicts with them, and they will lead difficult lives.  If Mars is badly afflicted, abortions or miscarriages are indicated.

Romance and love affairs will not be smooth; married life will tend to be fraught with abrasiveness and lacking in intimacy.

The person will enjoy fighting and is likely to have an aggressive, forceful, military nature, carried over from the previous life.

An excellent choice of career would be as a leader, commander, military, police or athletic work.  As a political leader the person’s style will tend to be authoritarian.

The person will enjoy sports and athletics, which will be a very suitable career for them. 

Investments and speculation will bring mixed results due to the impulsive, stubborn nature of the influence of Mars, which drives us to fight to the death, even when it is obvious that surrender would be more prudent.

The personality will tend to be selfish, immoral, deceitful, and mean.

The person is unlikely to be interested in religion or spiritual techniques such as meditation or yoga, and will show little interest in performing good deeds or charitable works. 

The person is likely to come into conflict with the government, be disturbed by their own thoughts, and be overly attached to sexual gratification.

Exalted or Own House

If Mars is in Capricorn, Aries, or Scorpio in the 5th House, the person will be brilliant, outstanding, and highly intelligent.

Although there will be few children, they will be prosperous, successful, and powerful.

A career as a ruler or politician in an executive position will be very natural, and the person will be respected for the strong, authoritarian style which they express.  Other fields of activity in which the native can easily find success are athletics and the military.

The native will enjoy speculation and achieve success with their investments. 

They will have a very strong mind, much courage and confidence.

The native will be of good character and virtuous, and possibly artistic.

An interest in religion or the practice of spiritual techniques is likely.

Debilitated or Fallen

If Mars is in Cancer in the 5th House, the person’s mind will be unstable and not very intelligent.  The person will be frequently emotionally disturbed and angry.

There could be abortions or miscarriages, and in any case, little happiness will come from children, who might suffer challenges to their health at an early age.

The person is likely to be sinful, immoral or deceitful.  Mars is like that.  They will have a weak personality, rough around the edges.

There will be little return from investments and frequent periods of financial hardship.

Love affairs will be extremely difficult and the person will suffer from a lack of love.

Conflict with the government or authority figures is very likely. 

Jupiter in the 5th House


Jupiter in the 5th House gives the person high intelligence.

They will have a positive outlook on life, be cheerful and optimistic.

There will be much happiness from sons, who will themselves be prosperous.

The person will enjoy success from all kinds of investment, particularly speculation, at which they will display an uncanny knack for assessing worthwhile ideas to support.  A career as a stockbroker or angel investor will seem very natural.

There will be talent in the arts or one or more sports, and a career in one of these would be a good fit.

The person will have a strong faith in God and consider religion to be an important part of their life. 

They will be well acquainted with philosophy, the law of the land, and techniques for achieving higher states of consciousness.

They will display a high sense of morality and virtuousness.

The person may have a superiority complex and believe they are destined to rule others. 

A high political position is indicated by this placement of Jupiter.

There is substantial credit for actions performed in the previous life, which will explain the person’s sudden acquisition of wealth and status, without much effort.

Jyotish texts state that in their last life, the person was selfless, religious and performed actions solely for the benefit of others.  They are reaping the rewards in this life.  The native will perform good deeds, be refined and charitable, in this life also.

They will have a strong life purpose and be very sure of their own destiny.

Love affairs are pleasurable and smooth.

This person enjoys life very much.

Exalted or Own House

When Jupiter is placed in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces in the 5th House, the person will be an asset to the world.

They will be both spiritual and worldly, wise, and of the highest virtue.

There will be many children who will bring much joy to the native, and will themselves be outstanding, famous or special.

The person’s deep faith in God will be a great source of strength for them, and they could pursue a career as a religious leader or spiritual teacher.

Fate will seem to bless this person at every phase of their life, due to their magnificent credit from the previous life.  Their investments are likely to be very successful and bring them great wealth.

They will be optimistic and highly intelligent.

A career in public life is very likely, in a position of high responsibility.

The person will be very sure of their destiny, and know their life’s purpose at a very early age.

Debilitated or Fallen

Jupiter in Capricorn in the 5th House, brings trouble and misery to the person.

Intelligence will suffer, and their logic and reasoning ability will be weak.  Exams will be difficult to pass.

Love affairs will be upset, and life will not bring much joy or pleasure.

If there are any children, they will not be a great source of joy to the native, and their lives will also carry big challenges.

Credit from previous lives will be low, due to possible abuse of spiritual knowledge or ideas.

Investments will not deliver much profit, and wealth will only accrue to the person via their own hard work.

The person will not be associated with a well-developed moral sense, nor will they be known for refinement or performing good deeds.  Their ideas about God and religion are likely to be distorted.

Their destiny, mission in life or life purpose will be difficult for them to discover.

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