Planets in the 5th House – Saturn, Rahu or Ketu

Planets in the 5th House

Saturn, Rahu or Ketu in the 5th House

Saturn in the 5th House


When Saturn is in the 5th House, it creates a person who struggles with dullness, lack of intelligence, and difficulties passing exams.

However, it is always important to consider aspects and rulership, because Saturn is capable of giving an excellent mind, due to it’s positive influence on a person’s ability to think logically.

This person, may think slowly and could be excessively pessimistic or overly serious.

There will be very few children, or perhaps none at all.  Whatever children there are will bring little happiness to the native, and they themselves may experience hardship in their lives. They are also likely to be daughters.

Love affairs will be difficult, as the person is likely to feel alone, isolated or misunderstood.

Saturn in the 5th House is bad for wealth, because whatever financial investments the person makes will be spoilt.

There will be little credit from previous lives.  Whatever benefits the person accumulates will be from activities in this life.

If Saturn is afflicted by another malefic, there could be unwanted pregnancies or difficulties carrying a pregnancy to full term.  This condition is reversed if Saturn is aspected by a benefic or good ruling House.

Jyotish texts declare that the person wanders continually in search of happiness.  The only way to overcome this wandering is to transcend, ideally through meditation or other spiritual practices.

Exalted or Own House

When Saturn is in Libra, Capricorn or Aquarius in the 5th House, the person gains great intelligence.  The mind will be probing, logical and serious.

The number of children is likely to be only one or two; they will be inclined to be spiritual, mature and demonstrate considerable self-discipline.  The person’s children will bring them great pleasure, and the person will demonstrate much affection for them.

There will be few love affairs, which will be characterized by seriousness and solemn devotion by both parties.  Profound, genuine love will find the native at some point during their life.

The person will choose conservative or long-term investments, which will be successful.

They will be blessed with mental stability, which will give them the opportunity to look at issues in a holistic manner, and from all points of view.

This native will show interest and ability in the arts, sports and/or politics.

The credit from previous lives is substantial.

Wisdom, humility and self-discipline shine forth from this personality.

The person will have a strong sense and knowledge of the purpose of their life, and know what their destiny is.

They will be a person of much refinement, classy, highly moral and enjoy performing good deeds.

Debilitated or Fallen

When Saturn is in Aries in the 5th House, it afflicts the person with misery, pessimism and/or mental instability.

Intelligence will not be a strong point for this native, nor will be their reasoning power.

There could be unwanted pregnancies.  If there are any children, they will not provide much happiness to the native.  The children themselves will find life difficult.

Love affairs are where things go smoothly.

There is a strong risk of disastrous loss from investments.

There will be little credit from the person’s previous life, as this placement of Saturn indicates that the person might have been lazy or misdirected their energy in their previous life.

Immorality, pettiness, lack of refinement and class will be strong characteristics of this personality.

Rahu in the 5th House


When Rahu is in the 5th House, it is an indication that the person died in their previous life, whilst concentrating on accumulating wealth and other material possessions.  As a result of this previous behavior, the person will be obsessed with a desire for money and other objects.

Intelligence is indicated, but the mind is likely to be troubled.

There could be much less balance in the person’s thought processes, leading to narrow-mindedness or hedonism.

The person’s interests will mainly be in the direction of practical affairs and less towards spiritual goals.

If there are any children, it’s likely that they will cause trouble for the native.

Love affairs will be disturbed by the placement of Rahu in the 5th House, and stomach problems will probably appear at some point in the person’s life.

Exalted or Own House

When Rahu is in the 5th House, in Gemini, Virgo, stationary, direct, or in forward motion, the person will be gifted with very high intelligence.

They may have children who are very powerful, and the relationship with them will be good.

The person will excel in arts, crafts, politics, and or sports.

Investments are very likely to be successful for this person, thereby ensuring the person’s wealth.

However, love affairs will not be so highly blessed, and difficulties therein are likely.

The person will be of fine character, with a high moral standard and thorough integrity.

It is likely that they will have a very strong sense of their own destiny.

Debilitated or Fallen

Although the person is born with skill at managing their worldly affairs, there is little peace of mind.  The person could be troubled by hallucinations or mental illness, if Rahu is badly afflicted.

Ketu in the 5th House


Ketu in the 5th House encourages very few children or a difficult relationship with the ones who exist.

There will be disturbance within love affairs.

Speculative investments are unlikely to be profitable for this native.

The person’s discriminative ability and interest in spiritual practices or natural healing practices, will probably be strong due to the credit brought forward from the previous life.

Intelligence and peace of mind might be less than desired, but not dramatically so.

Exalted or Own House

The best sign for Ketu in the 5th House, is either Gemini or Virgo.  A stationary, direct or forward motion position also gives good results.

The person’s children will be special, and they may also be very interested in spiritual matters.

The person will show high intelligence and skill at painting, drawing, or other crafts that require manual dexterity.

There may als0 be some talent in politics or sport.

The efforts they have made in their previous life will reward them with high objectivity in their thinking and a profound interest in spiritual matters.  This may manifest in the regular practice of religious or spiritual techniques.


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