Planets in the 5th House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 5th House

The Sun or Moon in the 5th House

The Sun in the 5th House


The Sun in the 5th House bestows upon the native a sharp, discriminating and intelligent mind, along with a warm, extroverted personality.

The number of children may be few, but they will be devoted to the native, and their relationship will be close.

The native’s investments will be profitable and they will enjoy a substantial income.

Love affairs are likely to be numerous and characterized by intense intimacy and a mutual pursuit of pleasure-seeking.

The native is likely to be interested in taking charge of, ruling or holding a position of authority in their community.

Benefits from the father are likely.

Usually, this placement of the Sun does not generate much interest in morality or religion, due to the Sun being mainly concerned with one’s self.  However, if the Sun is well aspected or ruling appropriate Houses, the native will be highly virtuous and very much interested in religion and spiritual practices.

As the Sun is the significator of the soul or the self, this placement in the 5th House provides excellent encouragement for those seeking spiritual fulfillment.

Exalted or Own House

If the Sun is in Aries or Leo in the 5th House, the person is likely to be powerful and hold a position of rulership over others on account of their credit from the karma of the previous life.

There will be much benefit from the father.

The person will be wise, respected, confident, intelligent, with a very strong will.  They will be virtuous, of fine and upstanding character and will perform many noble and charitable deeds.

The person will be spiritual and absolutely devoted to God.

An interest or talent in the arts or sport is indicated, which could lead to a career in those fields.

The children will be prosperous and powerful.  There could be a son who is famous or special.

The person’s investments will be profitable and a career such as stockbroking would feel very natural.

Debilitated or Fallen

If the Sun is in Libra in the 5th House, the person will be shy, unstable, emotionally uncomfortable and lacking in common sense.

They will be searching constantly for happiness, will experience little benefit or suffering on account of their children, and might need to endure unwanted pregnancies, abortions, or miscarriages.  There could be a child who faces a life-threatening illness or leads a very difficult life.

Success from investments will be sparse and the overall financial life will be less than prosperous.

There is little past life credit and whatever benefits the person is able to enjoy in this life, must be earned from activities undertaken in this life.

The person will not display much power or authority.

Gains from the father will be few, unless the 9th House is favorably set up.

A lot of things will be characterized by difficulty, uncertainty and lack of commitment.

The person will have a weak personality and lack refinement and class.

The Moon in the 5th House


Waxing Moon

A waxing Moon generally brings better results than a waning Moon.  In the 5th House, a waxing Moon gives a person high intelligence, a well developed intellect, and great learning.

The person will be passionate about their beliefs, concepts and understandings.  The Sun affects with this too.

There will be a satisfactory number of children of very fine quality, who will be famous or special in some way.  The person will look after them very diligently and enjoy a close relationship with them.

There will be benefits from females and the mother, due to the value of the person’s past life credit.

In the case of a man, a beautiful wife is indicated.

The person will show interest and involvement with the arts, sports, gambling or speculation, and a career choice in one of these fields will seem very natural.

Investments will show a good return and the person is able to achieve wealth easily.

Although the person is likely to be reserved in nature, they may nevertheless work in a position in government or rulership, more on the administrative level than the executive.

The person performs good deeds, and is highly virtuous and moral, with a strong faith in God.

The person will be honest, of fine character and straightforward.  What you see will be what you get.

Love affairs will be joyful, passionate and fulfilling, and the person’s life generally will be happy and pleasurable.

Waning Moon

If the Moon is waning in the 5th House, the benefits described above will not be as pronounced.

The person will be intellectually inclined, but their thinking will be clouded and colored by the emotions.  The mind will fluctuate overly, and the person may experience difficulties forming decisions.

There will be great passion attached to the person’s ideas and thoughts.

Although the person will possess considerable intelligence, this will be marred by a lack of common sense.

As above, there will be an interest in the arts, sports, and speculation, but success in those fields will not be as pronounced or outstanding as they would be if the Moon was waxing.

The native will enjoy paying attention to their children, will have excellent relationships with them and devote themselves to caring for them.

The waning Moon tends to dissipate virtuousness, morality and faith in God, so although those qualities will be present in this person, doubt will tend to undermine the intensity of those qualities.

Exalted or Own House

If the Moon is in Taurus or Cancer in the 5th House, the benefits described above under waxing Moon are enhanced.

The person will be extremely intelligent, possess enormous brain power, street smarts or common sense, and be able to master any subject easily.  There is potential to be enormously wealthy from successful investments. The Sun does this too.

The person will be virtuous, charitable, perform good deeds and enjoy great faith in God.  The person could become an authority on spiritual practices.  Their personality will be soft-natured, gentle and reserved.

The person could readily become an outstanding athlete, artist, or politician.

There will be much happiness from children, who will be famous, special or outstanding in some way.

The benefits are lessened to some degree if the Moon is waning, but are still very positive.  The Sun influences so much here.

Debilitated or Fallen

If the Moon is in Scorpio in the 5th House, the native will be mentally unstable or emotionally disturbed.  There will be not much common sense or reasoning ability.  The native will tend to make decisions based on feelings and emotion, rather than logic, leading to subsequent losses in investments and ongoing financial hardship.

Love affairs will be difficult to establish and maintain, and there will be little pleasure in this native’s life.

The native is likely to be of weak character, sinful or immoral.  There will be no credit from previous lives, and troubles with females and the mother will abound.

There could also be problems with the government.

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