Planets in the 6th House – Mars or Jupiter

Planets in the 6th House

Mars or Jupiter in the 6th House

Mars in the 6th House


If Mars is in the 6th House, the person will be strong, determined, confident, and healthy.

The person will be highly dedicated and will have the capacity to fight all competitors in any situation.

People with Mars in the 6th House are highly dedicated and sincere about the work they undertake.  There is always a lot of enthusiasm to achieve something big in life.  They do not bother about small gains.

The native with Mars in the 6th House, might have many enemies, but can defeat them without much effort.  They are never afraid of challenges, as they have mastered the art of winning.

They are highly ambitious and never feel tired of doing anything.  Achieving is important for them, so they keep trying again and again.

At times they can be highly arrogant and stubborn; also dominating.

They have a lot of zeal and clarity in their mind and nothing can stop them from reaching their goals.

Exalted or Own House

If Mars is in Capricorn, Aries or Scorpio in the 6th House, the person will be intelligent, highly responsible, and dedicated.

They will aim high and are able to achieve enormous success.  They reach their goals with little or no effort.

They have robust health and a tendency to recover quickly from minor ailments.

They get along very well with the maternal side of the family. 

They belong to a family that is highly influential and has a good social status.

They are highly active and hate laziness.  They never sit idle and always like to be on the move.  

Due to a strong Mars energy, they enjoy leading a disciplined lifestyle.

They love being in a position of power and authority.

Debilitated or Fallen

If Mars is in Cancer in the 6th House, the person will have weak health.  When Mars is debilitated in the 6th House, the person will suffer from skin-related problems.

They are surrounded by jealous people and have a lot of secretive enemies.  The fear of defeat will always grip these natives as they are afraid to handle competition.

These people will lack confidence and have a weak personality.

They will not get along with their relatives from their maternal side.

Jupiter in the 6th House


If Jupiter is in the 6th House, enemies are likely to knock at the native’s door, but they won’t be able to harm them.

Health will be good, and if there are any ailments, they will only be minor.

A good career and monetary gains are sure for these people.  They will demonstrate efficiency in their work.  Their overall financial position will be sound and secure.  At work, they will be ambitious and perform extraordinarily well.

They will have a harmonious relationship with people working with them.

They will have a strong inclination towards philosophy or law.

Benefits and gains are likely to shower on them through their maternal uncle and cousins.

At times, however, these natives may exhibit laziness.

Exalted or Own House

If the 6th House is in Cancer, Sagittarius, or Pisces and contains Jupiter, the person will quickly climb the ladder of accomplishments in their respective fields.

Their competitors will lack the ability to defeat them, as the person can easily gain dominance over their rivals and enemies.

They will receive acclaim in the field of philosophy or law.  Some of them will gain enormous recognition in the field of medicine.  

They will have robust health, a strong personality, and a zeal to do something different or outstanding in life. 

Debilitated or Fallen

If Jupiter is in Capricorn in the 6th House, the native will have weak health and be highly prone to allergies.  The person will have ailments related to knees and may suffer difficulty while walking during old age. 

The person will have many secretive enemies who will try to create obstacles in the path of the person. 

The person lacks determination, energy, and shies away from challenges.

The person will not be lucky in terms of opportunities and will experience many struggles in life.  


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