Planets in the 6th House – Mercury or Venus

Planets in the 6th House

Mercury or Venus in the 6th House

Mercury in the 6th House        


Natives with Mercury in the 6th House will have the courage to emerge victorious over their competitors, as well as all enemies.

They hold good insights into issues concerning health.  They usually believe that health is wealth. 

Some of them do face issues on the educational front, although they have a sharp mind.  But it will be difficult to push them to study.  

These natives will be craving to justify their perspective on life, along with expressing their way of thinking.  They love advising others and have knowledge on several matters.  They can debate and discuss things for hours.  They love praising themselves and will enjoy blowing their own trumpet in public.

These people enjoy those jobs that offer good money, along with seniority.

If there is a malefic aspect on Mercury, there can be speech problems during childhood which will usually go away as the child grows. 

These people are workaholics; they can work for hours without feeling tired.  They enjoy work where their intelligence and creative levels are tested.

If Mercury is without any bad aspect, these folks will gear up to become an author. 

They are eloquent speakers who can easily convince others. 

If there are malefic aspects, they can be impulsive, quarrelsome, and hasty at times. 

Exalted or Own House

Mercury in Virgo or Gemini in the 6th House, will make the person a high-spirited, intelligent, clever, intuitive person.

They will maintain good health.

The person will have excellent negotiating abilities and will be able to convince others without much effort.     

The person will have excellent writing skills and may write numerous books.

The native will benefit from colleagues, co-workers, and subordinates. 

Debilitated or Fallen

If Mercury is in Pisces in the 6th House, health-related problems may come across their way.  The native may have less energy, poor constitution, and can also have some mental disorder.  There could be issue related to the nerves.  The person may face breathing difficulties or problems related to the lungs.  As Pisces rules the feet, the person can have muscle and foot related problems.

Throughout their life, they will suffer discomfort from enemies.

Venus in the 6th House


When Venus is in the 6th House, the native will enjoy good health.  However, if there is a malefic influence on Venus, then the native will have poor health and immunity. 

These people earn well, as they have a good job which promises growth in the long run.  Their compatibility with their fellow workers will be very high.

They won’t suffer from the existence of enemies.  They can triumph over those who compete with them.

These folks are well-suited to performing detailed work.

Male natives will enjoy all kinds of relationships with women.  Their love life may experience issues and problems.  As Venus is weak in this House, these people may have a troubled marital life.  

Exalted or Own House

When Venus is in Pisces, Taurus, or Libra in the 6th House, the native will hardly have any enemies at all throughout their life.

The native will have good and robust health.

They will stand out from the crowd in most competitions.

Their excellence in mathematics is over the top.  They will be able to secure great jobs for themselves.  Their career is likely to be in medical fields.

Debilitated or Fallen

When Venus is in Virgo in the 6th House, there will be stress from reproductive system disorders.  Stomach or intestine-related ailments are likely for these people.

There will often be jealous people around them.

There could be issues with tenants, co-workers and juniors.  

A stable relationship and love life will be difficult to establish.  


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