Planets in the 6th House – Sun or Moon

Planets in the 6th House

The Sun or Moon in the 6th House

The Sun in the 6th House


The native with the Sun in the 6th House will have strong determination and a willingness to excel in everything they do.  Their willpower knows no boundaries as they like to win in every situation.  Once they set a target, they will never look back.

They are sensitive, emotional, and loyal to the people they love.

They have great stamina and the ability to put in a lot of hard work.  Their commitment and focus towards their work supersedes everything else, as they get totally engrossed in anything they do.

They feel they are in a different world once they pick up a job.  They want to attain perfection and nothing less.

They are courageous, bold, and have the strength to destroy their enemies, but more with their intelligence than muscle power.

The Sun in the House of competition, makes these people hungry for power, fame, and recognition.  Therefore they will be good leaders, politicians, teachers, and activists.

As the 6th House is the natural House of Mercury, the natives with Sun in the 6th House are super intelligent and like to go deep into everything they do.

They are very health-conscious, as they know that health is wealth, and therefore go the extra mile to stay in perfect shape.

Natives with the Sun in the 6th House, feel happy when they are busy and always aim to do something productive and worthwhile in life.  They rarely can sit idle.

With the Sun in the 6th house, strong differences of opinion, and less compatibility will be characteristics of their relationship with their father.  

Exalted or Own House

If the Sun is in Aries or Leo in the 6th House, the native is likely to be powerful, rich, and full of good character.

These people will enjoy good health and be extra conscious of their diet and how they look and appear in public.

With the exalted Sun in the 6th House, a person will be very competitive by nature and have a strong urge to excel in everything they do.  They will not accept defeat easily. They have one goal in life and that is to be number one.

The native with the exalted Sun, or the Sun in its own House in the 6th, is very logical and enormously practical.

They have unique talents, which bring them recognition and fame.

With the Sun in the 6th House, the person is gifted with strong logic and deep analytical skills.  In life, they enjoy doing things that require deep research and analysis.

The person gains in life through sheer determination and hard work.  They face many challenges, but their fighting spirit makes them win in the end.

The person’s maternal uncles will be rich and influential, and the native will gain if they keep up a good relationship with them.

The person could be successful in a restaurant, café, eatery, bakery or catering business.

Debilitated or Fallen

If the Sun is in Libra, in the 6th House, the person’s health will not be as strong as is desired.  The person might have bad eyesight or suffer from a heart ailment at an early age.  The person is likely to be a workaholic and will be less cautious with their health than others, and more susceptible to sickness.

The native might lose money due to theft, robbery, or from being cheated by people known to them.  Troubles from servants, co-workers, and subordinates will be frequent.

There will be a strong ego clash or differences of opinion with the father.

Gains from the government will be little or limited.

The person will have many secretive enemies and will suffer due to the acts of others.


The Moon in the 6th House


Waxing Moon

A waxing Moon generally brings better results than a waning Moon.  In the 6th House, a waxing Moon makes the native a highly practical, logical, reliable, sensible, and responsible person in life.  The person starts taking responsibility at an early age.

The native will have enormous capabilities and will always like to crosscheck everything they do.  They make sure that there are no mistakes in their work.

The person is especially fond of helping others, and hence finds great satisfaction in doing social work, charity, and humanitarian activities.

These people will have great imagination and will always bring a creative edge to the work they do.  

When the Moon is waxing, the Moon protects these natives like a mother.  She nurtures these people with her best qualities and gives them a long and healthy life.

These people enjoy a good and healthy bonding with their mother.

The native gets support and co-operation from their colleagues, co-workers, and servants.

Waning Moon

If the Moon is waning in the 6th House, the benefits described above will not be as pronounced.

These people will have a weaker physique and health.  There could be frequent problems related to the stomach.  If there is a malefic aspect of the Moon, then the native will be have severe health challenges during childhood days.

These people will lack confidence and be afraid to take risks in life.  The native will not be able to make quick decisions and will get nervous easily.

The person can be easily engulfed with negativity, and might suffer from depression.

Exalted or Own House

If the Moon is in Taurus or Cancer in the 6th House, the benefits described above under waxing Moon are enhanced.

The person will have few enemies and will have the capacity to defeat their competitors.

They have a very adjustable nature and can easily mold themselves for others.

These people will enjoy good health and remain free from illness.

They excel in life because they have a habit of going into the details of every task assigned to them.

They are sincere, hardworking, and never afraid to accept challenges in life.  These people are efficient, and highly confident and have the potential to work in challenging situations.

These people have a good relationship with the maternal side of their family.

They will believe in serving the masses and hence will do a lot of social work and charity.

Debilitated or Fallen

If the Moon is in Scorpio in the 6th House, the native will have health issues, mostly during childhood.  The native will have stomach related issues.  These people can have illnesses related to private parts and the reproductive system.  Some women will have menstrual problems.

They will lack confidence and avoid competitive environments.  They like to stay in a protective environment and avoid taking risks.

Their intelligence will be hidden.  They may have trouble remembering things and lack common sense.

The person will be prone to taking senseless decisions and suffer because of that.

They lack understanding and a good relationship with their mother.

These people are able to gain recognition, fame, and success, but only after a lot of effort.


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